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  1. airdrummer

    s.l.server won't complete install

    nope, modded install dvd fails to load
  2. airdrummer

    s.l.server won't complete install

    thx, i was looking for a file named OSInstall.dist as noted in other instructions...i'll let u know how it goes
  3. i'm trying to install s.l.server on my macmini2,1 yeahyeah, not a hackintosh, but i upgraded to c2d, & upgraded firmware, and it runs 64 bit, even tho it's 32bit efi. while the dvd successfully installs onto a usb sdd, on reboot to complete setup it fails, showing the no-access symbol. so is there a simple textfile that i can poke "macmini2,1" into, or is this a 32efi problem? unfortunately all i can find are boot.efi for later osx. any ideas?