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  1. Hmmm got mountain lion installed quite easily. Things seem to be great just had to reapply audio fix. However, I'm having an issue with graphics performance. I edited AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext but to no avail. My novabench is significantly lower than it was a month ago with Lion. Anyone else notice similar issues?
  2. Hey I'm not sure about your first two issues but I have the same board. I grabbed the latest bios from here (F8e) http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/gigabyte-latest-bios-28441/ and it updated AHCI to 1.20 from 1.06 and now boot time has been cut in half. Cheers.
  3. Yeah... other parts of the BIOS boot seem quite a bit faster as well. It seems like the time to get the desktop has been halved.
  4. Hey all. I decided to grab the latest UD5 bios from tweaktown and the current (F8e) has the new AHCI 1.20 so there is no longer a 10 second delay at boot. http://forums.tweaktown.com/f69/gigabyte-latest-bios-28441/ Thought I'd share with anyone interested.
  5. Hmmm... I tried using your kexts and now my system doesn't detect audio ports on my UD5. Did anyone else get 5.1 audio using non-optical. I would even settle for 2.1 audio, but there is a constant humming in my speakers while the speakers are on and connected to my computer only in OSX and not Windows 7.
  6. I couldn't get netkas enabler to get me multi monitor or QE/CI no matter what I tried. So I read a tip on using gfx strings and it works beautifully although I've only tried it on WoW so far.
  7. Okay, got my EVGA GTX 285 working flawlessly with QE/CI and dual monitors. My only issue is getting on board audio working with a 5.1 setup. If anyone has any ideas let me know... I'm probably doing something stupid. Anyway, this may be of some help but I'm going to list some pointers that worked for me. 1) Make sure that you're target vanilla OSX disk is SATA and in the first SATA slot and AHCI mode is enabled. 2) I wanted a Windows 7 dual boot setup and I tried leaving it on the non GSATA ports. If AHCI mode is enabled, your boot loader will get screwed up and repair may corrupt your entire install if you don't rescue it properly. So I suggest you plug in your Windows 7 disk into the GSATA ports and leave AHCI mode OFF for the GSATA ports. This will save you a lot of time and effort trust me. 3) To get my GTX 285 working I just did the default options of DD's install and used Chameleon 2. After you boot into your install, I removed all Geforce and NVD kexts in SLE and ATY_Init.kext. I then installed the EVGA GTX 285 Mac drivers from netkas.org. Next, I followed this guide installing GFX strings and modified the apple.boot.plist in the Extras folder. Rebooted with my second monitor plugged in and everything worked beautifully. Aqua Mac forums - GFX Strings
  8. Excellent thanks yydoctt and DD. I managed to boot so things are really looking up. Now two things: 1) There is a definite humming through my 5.1 speakers hooked up via the MOBO sound card. I haven't tested playing music or anything yet but the humming is quite audible. I'm not sure if the kexts have progressed enough to allow 5.1 to be played on the UD5 or do I need a USB sound adapter? 2) Okay I tried both the gt200 series drivers and the EVGA ones for Mac that are on netkas.org but I still am not getting QE/CI. And I noticed the bug of the display going to sleep if a second monitor is left plugged in. Is there a way to get dual screens working with the GTX 285? Again thank you for your insight and patience.
  9. Okay like many others I have been following this thread for quite some time and can't seem to find a solution to my problem. Here are my relevant specs Gigabyte UD5 i7 920 C0 stepping EVGA Geforce GTX 285 OCZ Gold DDR3 Ram 3 SATA HDD (1 Win7, 1 Kalyway, and 1 on the first SATA port as a target drive) I used Digital Dreamer's 3.8 script and have a working install of Kalyway on a spare drive. I have 10.5.6 iso on that drive as well as the combo updater to 10.5.7. I go through the install and make sure to install both the updates back to back. I tried with the DSDT patch and without and both result in a KP as the OS is booting. Also right before it boots I hear popping in my speakers. I'm not really sure if I'm doing something wrong and or stupid but if anyone could shed some light I would greatly appreciate it.