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  1. I need help with Transmission

    no, fios, thanks for the reply.
  2. I need help with Transmission

    I been using Os X 10.5.7 for about a month or so and everything is stable fine and fast..er than vista. But one thing is much slower, torrents. The client I used was uTorrent, and that was slow and sluggish, so I decided to get Transmission, it was okay at first, but now i am getting no more than 10kb/s and when downloading Gb's of stuff, you can see why I would want it to be faster. I looked and saw that the port I was using was closed, So i randomized, randomized, randomized, and non worked, I even tried ones suggested online, non worked. So I decided to open them up manually on my router, but the port was already configured on my router, even said "transmission" as the description. So I tried a variety of things. I looked online, and all were solved by forwarding ports, and since this might be related to Os X, osx86, I thought I would try my luck on this forum, and not a peer to peer help, or transmission help forum. Thank you for reading -Thork