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  1. Yep, I would stick to Nvidia as well for the PCI card. I have not tried another brand. Actually I did try and second brand (ATI) card along with my PCI Express Nvidia card and I could not get it to work. Accordingly, I am now running an Nvidia PCI Express Card and a PCI card together.
  2. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, I would really like to get my surround sound working. I have a Geforce 7050m-m motherboard. That has a Realtek ALC662 audio card on it. I have tried the different ALC662 text files running around and no go. So I wanted to find out if any one has instructions on how I can create my own.
  3. Score!!! I got it working. So I ended up not using the approach outlined in this thread. Rather I ended up using the NVinject dual card kext available at http://nvinject.free.fr/downloads.php I used NVinject.0.2.0_dual_cards.zip With that, I can run my 6200 PCI and my 7200 PCI Express together to run a total of 4 screens. I am able to run quartz as well. In bios I had to choose PCI as my preferred startup device. I am pretty happy about this. Now I just need to get surround sound working and I have the system exactly the way I want it.
  4. Peach, Nope. Unfortunately I have not been able to get an output from both video cards at the same time as of yet... that is my ultimate goal I am trying to troubleshoot this by getting one monitor running on my PCI express card and another running on my PCI card. One thing I noticed is that without the NVinject drivers installed, my card 6200 PCI card can only run 1024x768 running alone. So does that mean that since I cannot use NVinject with GFX, I cannot use this card? Does GFX does not support a GeForce 6200 ? For this 6200 card, under NVInject, Quartz is supported and I can get the resolution I am looking for (running alone). Without NVInject, Quartz is not supported and I can only run 1024x768.
  5. So it seems I have gotten further. I am able to see my two cards in the system profiler. Unfortunately, my PCI card is listed as 'Display' even though I named it 'NVIDIA GeForce 6200 PCI' in my in.plist file. I am attaching my Plist file and screen shots of what I see in my system profiler. Any help would be much appreciated! plist.txt
  6. Hi, I have seen that we need to remove NVinject.kext to get this to work. Do we also need to remove NVinjectGo.kext? Another thing that I have noticed, is that when I run Repair Permissions, I don't see com.apple.boot.plist appearing as I was told I should in Aquamac's instructions at: http://aquamac.proboards106.com/index.cgi?...=569&page=1 Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong? I have followed the instructions precisely. The only thing I am not sure about if I am running EFI V8 or not. I have a Kalyway 10.5.2 install.
  7. Hi, I have two Nvidia Video Cards on my motherboard. One is a PCI express, one is a PCI card. I did this because my motherboard didn't have two PCI express slots. I am able to run both of these video cards (the PCI express is a 7200 and the PCI is a 6200, both with 256 mb of ram) on Windows and have a quad monitor setup. I am trying to do the same thing on my hackintosh. Does anyone know if this is possible. All of the posts I have seen to date are for people that have two PCI express cards. The good news is that both of these cards run fine individually. Any thoughts on how I can get this working? I am running Kalway 10.5.2
  8. I am trying to install a program onto my hackintosh. The program apparently does a prerequisite check for the 'Process Name' variable value of the Mac OS installation. When I run the command: /usr/sbin/system_profiler | grep "Processor Name" and system_profiler | grep "Processor Name" I get no return values. I am running Kalway 10.5.2 on an AMD processor. I wanted to see if someone knows a way to get the Processor Name value populated (preferably to say something Intel related) so I can get the installer for the program I am trying to install to run and pass the prerequisite check.
  9. Mapping NTFS drives over network

    The steps in that article are what I did. I also had to play around with the registry as I posted before. Also in Windows XP, make sure you have File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks enabled.
  10. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    So I tried out every one of the drivers posted so far in this thread. All of them seem to work, but I only am shown a stereo option. I would really like to get surround sound working though. What do I need to do to be able to see a surround sound setup option?
  11. Modded ALC662 & Sigmatel 9223 with codec verbs

    Hello Everyone. I have a GeForce7050M-M motherboard. According to its specs, it has a embedded ALC662 sound card. Using Kalway 10.5.2, the sounds works fine except that I can only output stereo. I am hoping the fix that OcciJano posted can help as this thread seems to be the most promising from what I have read. My questions are. How do I know if I have ALCInject.kext and HDEnabler still installed. After finding out if I in fact do have them, how can I remove hem so I can try out these other kext files for my embedded sound.
  12. Surround Sound

    I am running Kalway 10.5.2. I have sound working, but just in stereo. Right now I am just using the audio driver that auto installed when Kalway 10.5.2 was installed. I have a GeForce7050M-M motherboard. Does anyone have any pointers on how to get a multi speaker setup working? I don't have my speakers connected to my motherboard using Optical out. I just use analog but have a second pair of speakers connected through the mic in jack. In windows, I get prompted to specify what speakers I just added and stuff.
  13. Ipod

    So I answered my own question by trying it out and taking the plunge. My ipod shuffle works flawlessy in my hackintosh.
  14. Mapping NTFS drives over network

    Ok, I seem to have things working. Not sure if this is what did it, but I had to play around with Window's IRPStackSize setting in the Windows Registry.
  15. I have an ECS motherboard (GeForce7050M-M) to be precise. In Windows, I have things setup so when I plug headphones into the headphone jack of my case, then the output to my speakers automagically cuts off and I get audio sent to my headphones. I wanted to see if there is some way to do this same thing on my hackintosh. I am running Kalway 10.5.2