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  1. Really noisy ac97 audio on windows... not osx :S

    Sounds about right, i eventually bought an Mbox 2 so... i dont use the internal SC anymore. sounds a crapload better too
  2. Really noisy ac97 audio on windows... not osx :S

    wow... ac97 is teh suxor ill be getting my digirack soon anyway so i doubt ill be using it much i found it quite odd that osx didnt have this issue tho... hmmmmm
  3. Logic Express Install on OSx86

    Hey, if you install 7.1 if you have the full package and then install the small binary of 7.2 over the top things should work fine. I did that with my express install as i could only locate a small express 7.2 binary with none of the included loops.
  4. Really noisy ac97 audio on windows... not osx :S

    yeh ive tried that, it doesnt seem to have any effect :S (tried changing from mic to cd audio spdif etc...)
  5. Hey guys I do alot of my drum compositions on FL Studio in windows At the moment im running a hackintosh with OSX running logic and windows running FL studio The problem im having at the moment is with the internal audio (yeh it sucks im saving for a Digi 002 rack ) On windows i get STACKS of noise, and this is an ALC850 ac97 chip on a DFI mainboard. With a {censored} card i was expecting some noise but it seems to be amplified when i move my mouse (USB) or access my hard disks. Now usually id just sit there and say... well its gotta be a {censored} sound card, but this effect is not reflected on my OSX install, the sound is very clean. Ive done the usual checks (sound card drivers, checking my cables etc). No solution :S Any help would be GREATLY appreciated Youll find the specs of my audio rig in my sig Cheers R4N
  6. Radeon Xpress 200M

    Sad indeed, ive pretty much given up on osx running nice on my compaq... back to SUSE i guess
  7. Are you truly Christian?

    Good to know I realise Bible camp is not a cross section of America or anything like it. It is however an illustration for my point on extremeism and how it can effect people. Be it religious or not
  8. Are you truly Christian?

    Your right, it is the opposite of Christianity, and not taking the good book to heart and following every sentence of this text is why i declare myself agnostic. That doesnt however mean i find the bible to be a bad thing, i think of it as an awesome read, and if people take some life lessons from it; fantastic. But using the Bible to attack non christians is a scary thought. I hate extremeism in any form. No one has the right to push beliefs onto others, which is why i am open to all religious belief systems and the people that follow them. i live in AUS so i have no idea what its really like out there in the US of A, but why do so many people think god loves george bush... that boy is goin straight to hell... "if there is one" "bible camp was one scary ass movie (pulled it off my raid after reading this topic :censored2:)"
  9. Are you truly Christian?

    Man is Man. This mass questioning of what we inherit as a species...makes no sense to me, Good and Evil are subjective terms. Everyone has a different definition of what is good and what is evil. Piracy is a perfect example. The idea behind christian faith, is that we inherit sin, and realise that we as a species are doomed to sin. But why? It seems simple enough to realise that as a species people make mistakes and learn from them, but i do not believe that there is some higher power telling me what is right and wrong. And i dont believe my original statement was out of ignorance. Christianity and its many outreach programs, be it a charity or the 12 step program tell people that they are powerless to control their sin, and must give up control to a higher power. That the only way to free ones self from sin is to give yourself to god. No thanks Secondly i did not say Translated once in my statement, i said intepreted. Translations obviously get better with time, because people study the language. However peoples intepretations of said language change for good and bad. Anyone who reads the bible will take different ideas from it. For example many protestant religions take a very different stance to certain readings than the catholic church. Some churches are very progressive and find readings that allow for many things that other christian churches find immoral. I mean how can one even ask "are you truly christian?". In what faith are we describing, Anglican, Baptist, Mormon, Catholic, The few billion other religions around the globe all with different ideas and all who interpret holy texts differently. That is why i take these texts with a grain of salt, and make my own interpretations I dont believe a world without christians is something to hope for. I believe a world without extremeism in any form be it christian muslim or any other form... is what we should all hope for.
  10. Are you truly Christian?

    what do you base that on? To assume that individuals are bad unless they follow a divine path is pretty ignorant and to assume that the only way to be a good person is to follow a VERY old text, intepreted and reinterpreted, VERY differently over the last few THOUSAND years, is pretty ignorant too.
  11. Are you truly Christian?

    Give me jedi anyday I am a born again agnostic, i was a christian... until the day i was old enough to realise just how much force the catholic church put on my fragile 12 year old brain to be someone im not. I will never debate the existance of god. God may exist. God may be a woman. God may be a giant chicken with fire breath, it doesnt really matter. I still hold to my heart certain values of the catholic church. Being taught to treat ones neighbour has you would like to be treated, honouring your father and mother, helps people be a better person. But when people start to define the nature of god and jesus, and build onto that decisions based on a persons sexuality, or race, or any other choice that a person decides to make against the church... it really gets to me. Why would god turn away a {censored} person?. Or a woman coming to grips with her decision to abort her child? I stopped being a good christian a long time ago. I continue to be a good person. And i think thats all god "if god exists" cares about.
  12. I dont see how the ipod's video power is tiny. a Hardware H264 decoder is something rarely seen in an mp3 player. most "mp4" players use a varient on the .3gp format because it is so tiny it can be decoded on the main processor. People dont really use the ipod for watching an entire feature film, but almost every ipod owner i have seen uses it quite heavilly for music videos or short clips like a television episode. the 320x240 screen isnt exactly up to cinema quality production but it sure makes train trips alot shorter I use my lifedrive almost constantly for video, running eps on the train is something i simply couldnt live without anymore. This technology has just jumped the gun a bit, taking wind from the sails of devices like portable DVD players. When in reality the future of multimedia technology clearly lies in a hard drive based mp4 player. They can be small or big, and will hold more than a single movie on a giant 12CM disc. The next gen will be awesome, and im hoping for apple to get with the program and release an awesome actually new ipod this time round. Instead of rebadging 5 year old technology with an extra feature or 2.
  13. I had an Ipod Nano for about a year. At first i loved it simple design and easy navigation. I also enjoyed the hackability of the device "yeh... idoom+ipod linux " However i hated its reliability and lack of battery life/features. I had a gen1 nano that claimed 15 hours battery life. I thought id try to push this more by lowering the backlight timer to almost minimal levels. i managed "Maybe" 10 hours, whether this is due to my lossless format audio or apple lying to me i do not know, but it never managed 15 hours. It also took me an aweful long time to convert my non id3 tagged music files to run on the ipod, to allow me to actually be able to see what i was playing/searching for. This is the major hassle i have with the ipod/itunes, its undenying reliance on things being "perfect" or as apple wanted it to be. with every other mp3 player on the planet handling WMA, apple decide not to include it. So my lossless wma files now have to be converted to apples AAC format... That format is quite nice dont get me wrong... but mass conversions annoy me... alot I know for a fact most IRiver/Sandisk solutions will handle a majority of files quite well without reliance on id3 tagging or format conversion. The sandisk uses an almost identical portalplayer DSP, with just as good SNR levels "well over 100dB". I am not a fan of EQ'ing my audio but the Sandisks i have used seem to EQ with very minimal distortion. Ipod bass EQ is quite simply horrific. Not to mention the fact that the sandisk comes with FM Tuner, Voice recording, and expandable memory... booyah In conclusion... the ipod was never really ahead of its time, They built HDD based mp3 players well after creative, they released the video ipod well after Iriver, and every hdd video mp3 player under the sun uses a portalplayer processor... I replaced it with a palm lifedrive, and i doubt i will ever go back to my ipod and heres why Out of the box my lifedrive will handle Xvid/Divx without "any" re-encode Pocket tunes is just plain AWESOME, it can use the lifedrives inbuilt wifi antenna to access "ANY" internet radio station you want needless to say i use that alot It handles AAC/MP3/WMA and lossless codecs out of the box "even musepack" and its a freaking PDA Its quite big, its bloody expensive, its probably not even sold anymore , but it made me decide never to choose an ipod again
  14. Radeon Xpress 200M

    Awesome stuff I know the chipset is quite old, but V3000 series compaq's and fairly new vista based machines are still using it for its integrated "3D" Power . My v2000 is awesome exept for this damned graphics card, which ive had trouble with everything from XP to ubuntu If you need a beta tester my lappy is always running 10.4.8 and im more than happy to wipe it for other versions of osx
  15. Whats does your desktop look like?

    Still on good old XP, until Nvidia gets its act together with vista drivers and modified foobar 2000 ftw (i wish i could get it running on darwine)