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    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Thanks @vit9696 for updating the FAQ.Shiki.en.md Now, using the boot argument: shikigva=80, I have everything working including Apple TV+ with Netflix on Safari web browser and without having to change the recommended SMBIOS for my hardware (imac 17,1 ig-platform-id 19120001-headless mode). Your team is amazing, thanks to all of you.
  2. Tecnicaso Rico

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    When I first test the shikigva=16 boot argument it didn't work. That's why I was using shikigva=160 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 Now after reading the last post reports about shikigva=16, I decided to try again but this time I rebuild KextCache and repair permissions (which I didn't before, I miss that part) and now it's working. I want to thank the WhateverGreen team for improving their kext and I hope it keeps getting even better. Still waiting for a Netflix fix on Safari without switching to another SMBIOS...
  3. Tecnicaso Rico

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    @telepati Netflix on Safari doesn't works. But then I tried with Firefox and it's working...
  4. Tecnicaso Rico

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Apple TV+ only works when I use the boot argument to spoof iMacPro 1,1, this is how I know it works. Also, there are tools to verify that the VDA decoder is fully supported. Following the FAQ of Shiki/WhateverGreen document is important because different SMBIOS's/hardware configurations requires different boot arguments. I have the IGPU (HD530) enable in the UEFI/BIOS settings with video priority set to DGPU (Vega 64). I'm using iMac 17,1 in headless mode ( Platform-ID: 19000001). If your friends didn't had issues before spoofing iMacPro 1,1 then they can try resetting the DRM configuration. Another issue they could have is a corrupt user database which causes sync problems with some of the Apple Online Services (Music, TV and Podcasts). This could happen after upgrading from Mojave to Catalina. Some of the symptoms are errors when trying to download content from online services like Apple TV+ If this is the case I recommend trying this: 1. Sign out of iCloud on your Mac 2. Open Terminal & use the following commands: sudo -v Enter Your Mac Password killall -9 accountsd com.apple.iCloudHelper rm -rf ~/Library/Accounts killall -9 accountsd com.apple.iCloudHelper 3. Restart your Mac 4. Open Music App & sign in to your account (You should sign in to your account) 5. Check your TV & Podcast Apps (You should sign in to your account) 6. Open System Preferences & go to iCloud (You should sign in to your account) just activate iCloud Drive In the FAQ of Shiki/WhateverGreen document there is also some terminal commands you can try to reset the DRM configuration (can get mess when testing different configs): defaults delete com.apple.coremedia defaults delete com.apple.AppleGVA sudo rm -rf /Users/Shared/SC\ Info sudo defaults delete com.apple.coremedia sudo defaults delete com.apple.AppleGVA Good luck, I hope this can give you some ideas and can help you.
  5. Tecnicaso Rico

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    It does work. I'm using iMac 17,1 Platform ID: 19120001 (headless mode) with HD530/Vega 64. Also the boot arguments that I used and, works in my case are: shikigva=160 shiki-id=shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 I follow the FAQ.shiki.en.md document located at the WhateverGreen Github page. I'm still testing and trying to find a boot argument or combination of boot arguments to make it work without spoofing the iMacPro 1,1 board-id (Mac=7BA5B2D9E42DDD94). If iMac 17,1 is present in the Info.plist of AppleGVA, then it's suppose to work with a boot argument and without spoofing iMacPro1,1. Spoofing iMacPro 1,1 is done to force the use of the dedicated graphics instead of the IGPU. But there are boot arguments to achieve the same, and if the SMBIOS (iMac 17,1) it's supported, then it's suppose to work without the need of spoofing. That's why I need to keep testing... But right now it's working perfectly fine with the combination of the boot arguments: shikigva=160 shiki-id=Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 Something I notice the first time I tried with the right argument it didn't work. But then I reset warnings, cache and clear play history in the TV+ settings, and after closing and opening the app again then it work. There is also some terminal commands useful for resetting the DRM configuration after making a mess with all the testing... Just follow carefully the Shiki/WhateverGreen FAQ and remember to install the latest kexts (if necessary compile the kexts because sometimes the latest ones are not available for download yet).
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    InsanelyMac non-official Chat rooms

    Discord link didn't work for me... Please update when possible.