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  1. terrorgen

    AMD r9 270 problem

    Hi I have a XFX Double D R9 270 with 1x DP, 1x HDMI and 2x DVI-Dual Link. I have (3) Monoprice WQHD monitors, two of which is connected directly to the graphics card through DVI-Dual Link. The third is connected via an active DP to DVI-Dual Link adapter. I was using a HD 5850 before the upgrade so I know that this configuration works. Here's what I have done so far: 1. I modified the kexts with the correct device ID: 0x6811. 2. In Clover I have InjectATI enabled. 3. I also set the FrameBuffer to Hamachi, replaced the framebuffer with the following: 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 00 22 05 01 02 DP 04 00 00 00 14 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 11 02 05 05 DVI-DL 04 00 00 00 14 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 10 00 03 06 DVI-DL 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 01 00 00 12 04 02 03 HDMI The values are based on Vlada's tutorial and the attached ROM file downloaded from https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/151666/xfx-r9270-2048-131119.html So far, only the monitor connected to the DP works. For the ones connected to the Dual-Link DVI ports, one does not receive a signal at all and went into sleep, the other one displays a black screen. However, all three monitors show up in System Information. Wonder if anyone has the same graphics card and is able to help? Thanks.
  2. terrorgen

    Patched AppleHDA for IDT92HD87B1/3

    Will this also work with Sigmatel 9274D? (Granted, some plist modification might be needed)
  3. So at this moment I have already shipped out my second batch of boards, I am going to order my 3rd batch. Anyone interested still?
  4. Hope they communicate better with words You'll need to figure out how to mount the board to the case. I will not be including mounting hardware. However, if you have mounting standoffs for the G5 logicboard they will come in handy...
  5. You know what... I think I can start taking orders now. I just installed the one in the picture above in my own g5 case and it works like a champ! I will let those already in the waiting list have priority. Lead time (from after you pay till you get the item) is about a month, since I am doing this on my spare time and only can do one per day at most. Again, $40 for the 1 Ethernet version, $50 for the 2 Ethernet version (could take longer if you order this), plus shipping. Please PM me if you want one, and I will send you my PayPal details.
  6. Thanks Schmov17 for the info. I have been MIA for a while, focusing on other responsibilities for a while but I am back to this project, and here is what I have been doing...
  7. will they be the same height as the stock G5 binding posts too?
  8. I am sorry for disappearing for quite a while! Things have been busy at work and I have recently moved, so much things to be done! Anyways as I get settled down in my new place I will resume this project as soon as I can. I just updated the waiting list. Stay tuned! by the way... do any of you guys know where I could get the standoffs which many modders reuse as standoffs for their ATX motherboards? I am short of those and I'll need them to test my designs. I went to ebay and found nothing. Maybe I didn't search with the right keywords. Anyone who knows about it please chip in. Thanks!
  9. I am not ready yet. I will figure out a payment method once I am done. I am putting to you to the waiting list for now (see OP)
  10. Mounting ports on a PCB ensures minimal diviation from the original design, thus minimizing failure rates. Glueing is messy and has a higher failure rate (Talking about hand-gluing, machine gluing is another story). You will have to find a coupler that has the right size in order to fit too! At this stage, I am merely copying zammykoo's design and be a little creative on how the connections to the mobo are made. Furthermore, I don't see a widespread use of firewire ports so I used the extra space for my mobo connections. I am open to suggestions on my next batch. I might be wrong on the firewire presumption as well. My response to you will be identical to the response to minimod. Cheers.
  11. Those fall into the "challenging but not entirely impossible" category
  12. terrorgen

    Wired USB Apple Keyboard Hack

    Get one used from eBay, or from your local craigslist. That's how I got mine
  13. Right now there is no availability of a "90 degree" USB3 port. No one is making them. This does make placing a USB 3.0 port to this G5 rear board somewhat challenging, but not entirely impossible.