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  1. Ok, so graphics cards don't make a difference in FCP's render speed. What about After Effects? Anyone tried AE? Do MacTel boxes support OpenGL/OpenGL previews [in AE, or any other 3D/compositing program]? I guess this is somewhat of a moot point, considering you could just reboot to Windows...and, there isn't a UniBIN of After Effects out yet...however, I'm still kinda curious. I'm still a bit scared to make the dive...but, it'll save me a buttload of money. Wayland, what else have you tried with your MacTel [in terms of broadcast production]? Ever since editors have been forced to become motion graphics designers, and motion graphics designers have been forced to become editors, I have been obsessed with finding a machine that has the capability of doing both (AT SPEED). Hell, even Avid's top of the line boxes can't do both! PC's have always been plagued with stability issues and Premiere just doesn't cut it (what a joke..who the hell does Adobe think they're fooling.... although, this new itteration is gathering steam thanks to CHEAP native HD/SD via AJA's SDI box.)....(Oh, I have found that PC's tend to be somewhat faster at rendering previews in AE than Mac's). Anyway, then Mac came out with Final Cut.... You could edit, open an AE file, create your VFX, [semi] 3D, and graphics elements; all with the FCP project open....thanks to the stability of the Macintosh OS and its uber-memory capacities (16GB!!!!!!!!!!!!). But now, you can run Mac on x86 machines.... And, x86 on Mac machines.... For price, I can't beat a PC. For reliability, I can't beat a Mac. You're a working pro, Wayland....what should I do? Will I miss out on productivity if I buy a PC? Will I have to constantly tweak my computer? Or, can I get down to work? (All that time I saved rendering previews in PC AE was wasted when I had to nerd out tweaking the registry, hunting down spyware, and re-doing scenes when Bill's shoddy OS decided to take a {censored} on me). I guess what I'm trying to say is: in your opinion, could you run a credible post house with an OSx86 machine? Thanks for your help.
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    Umm.....you are a freaking genius. Thanks so much for the support. I owe you one.
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    Apple has release a "Universal" version of FCP (no need for Rosetta). Does anyone have experience using this version? I would like to find specs for an OSx86 box that produces near-G5 rendering/program performance. I've seen xBench scores that come close to the dual G5 performance ratings (100-130), but real-world application use tends to differ [greatly] from benchmarking.