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  1. Radeon Mobility 9200 Drivers

    Wow, this is an old thread. The irony being I was searching for this exact term earlier. Since Ikoko has already brought it back from the dead, is there any possible way to get 1280x800 on this card? Reading this thread shows somebody who had the exact laptop I do, and seems to explain that he found a way to make it work.. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=21182 Getting 1280x800 would be exactly what I want.
  2. what us unpuck?

    If it was only that easy lol..
  3. What type of laptop machine do you have? My Sony Vaio S150 has an ATI Mobility Radeon 9200, never could get 1280x800.
  4. I ask this due to the fact that I would like to go the Mac OS X route (I've been following this from the beginning) again but my machine that works just fine was the last SSE2 in the series, hence giving me problems I've installed OS X a few times on it only to have issues with the critical failure screen requiring me to restart. I would be working on something, open a program, and boom. Screen comes up. The NIC would stop communicating, too. This was a bit ago with Uphuck 1.4i. Any ideas? IF you have successfully used OS X as your main OS while using an SSE2 processor which distribution did you use? Thanks
  5. I remember awhile back reading about limitations caused by having an older processor (example being a Penitum M).. I know that processes without SSE3 requires the SSE2 variants of the software but I meant more about other issues.. Wasn't there an issue with the system clock slowing down? (also, side question, did anybody ever figure out how to get 1280x800 on an ATI Radeon 9200? )
  6. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    This fixed my problem with my Keyboard and Trackpad not being detected. Thanks! Sony Vaio VGN-S150.
  7. This fixed my keyboard AND mouse issue! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=1573
  8. Well, I recently installed OS X on my Sony Vaio VGN-S150. I've had it installed before (way back when we were first getting it to run) and back then everything installed great. Now days though, the last few releases, I haven't been able to use my keyboard and mouse. They work fine during the install but afterwards they aren't even detected. Are the OS versions between the installer and installed OS different? Anybody else have this trouble? I know there is a list of these problems, but I wonder if anyone has a specific quick idea. Thanks.
  9. If I sold my Sony Vaio.. I'd probably throw that into getting a MacBook.. I'd need to save a bit though
  10. I have a Sony Vaio S150 with an Alps touchpad and I'm having trouble with OS X detecting it. Oddly, the install CD that I used (10.4.5) worked fine and I could use both my keyboard and mouse on it.. but the OS itself after installed fails to support the mouse and the keyboard, unless I reload the keyboard's kext. The mouse continues to not work. :\ Eric Edit: Actually, I just tried the installer again and it DIDN'T work this time. That is weird. I'm not sure what I did before that helped it load. Which leaves me a bit confused. I figured my problem was relating to not being able to find the proper Device ID, but that doesn't seem to be the case if the installer worked once. Something ... isn't happy.. and I can't figure it out :\
  11. Installed beautifully easy on my devkit-like machine. Runs smooth and happy. haven't done any tests on it yet, but I do know that it ran just as good as my machine runs in Windows.
  12. Stability of OS X

    If somebody was doing anything that required that much thought I would imagine they would build their own Operating System for the technology.
  13. I'm more interested in this: What DVD's came with it? -Eric
  14. My laptop's keyboard and mouse originally worked in 10.4.1, but in 10.4.3 and above it has stopped working. I've posted a thread on this but with very little views, either nobody knows, or nobody cares. I believe the issue sits with ApplePS2Controller.kext, though I am not sure. I do know that an attempt to use a modified ApplePS2Controller.kext that supposedly made the keyboard work for somebody else did not work on 10.4.3. Any ideas? As well, anybody else having USB trouble in 10.4.4?
  15. It isn't so much that it isn't working, I thought it falls along the lines that it is on the second DVD.