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  1. Hi karaakeha1, short question: wich kext files should i use for a new install (10.5.4) on P35 DS4 ? This ones from your install package or the latest ones you have listed ? Thanks scotch
  2. Hi All, first i want to tell my system spec: GA P35-DS4 Bios F11 Intel Core2Duo E8400 (45nm) 4x 1024MB SuperTalent 800MHZ 4,4,3,8 Memory Asus Geforce 8800 GTS 512MB (G92) Samsung 750 GB Disk Sata AHCI Mode (Leo installed) Hitachi 250 GB Sata AHCI Mode (Vista for Games) 2 x Sata DVD Writer (Optiarc and TSSTcorp) AHCI Mode Setup: Installed Kalyway 10.5.1 GUID Partition Table and EFI 8.0 copied ALCinject.kext and AppleHDA.kext for Audio copied NVinject.kext for VGA, Beta 10.5.2 OpenGL Framework, Beta 10.5.2 NV.kext static IP settings on NIC (no changes on IONetworkFamily.kext) Result: shutdown, restart and sleep is working (also the system was overclocked) SMB and AFP connection to my Thecus 5200Pro NAS is working (1000BaseT FD with good performance, about 400Mbit with large Files) OpenGL performance 2/3 vs MS Overall a good working Hackintosh (never tried a Game on OSX just Xbench and OpenGL Extensions Viewer) So, Time has changed (10.5.2 was released from Apple) Installed Kaly 10.5.1 again on a Corsair 32GB USB Stick From this running system, i installed a retail leo 10.5 to my Samsung 750GB patched with EFI 8 using a GUID partition Table added dsmos.kext deleted AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and AppleEFIRuntime.kext Updated to 10.5.2 using netkas method and now my 1. Question: it was not possible (read only) to edit the startup script (/System/InstallAtStartup/scripts/1) with vi (root permissions) normaly i am using vi to edit files on command line (standard unix style) but with nano it was working fine. WHY, what is the difference ? OK, changed the AppleACPIPlatform from ls8 changed the AppleSMBIOS.kext from netkas changed the ALCInject and AppleHDA.kext for Audio added again NVInject.kext for working VGA updated online Graphics update Question2: what is the difference between the original vanilla (appleAHCIPort.kext, IOAHCIFamily.kext and IOATAFamiliy.kext) and the Files from ls8 ? (everything working fine with original kexts) Result: shutdown, restart and sleep works (with overclocking CPU, sleep is not working, reboot cycle) mmhh !!?? SMB and AFP connection to my Thecus 5200Pro NAS is working (1000BaseT FD with good performance, about 400Mbit) after sleep mode (not overclocked) Networking was not working again ! (static IP) Why ? OpenGL per formance is much better vs 10.5.1 ! Greetings from switzerland Scocth12
  3. Thanks mac.nub well done ! works fine with the following hardware: asus P5B deluxe (AHCI Mode) asus Gforce 8800 320MB onboard adio (only stereo output) onboard Marvel Nic (only 1 of 2) 4 x sata Disk 2 x sata DVD Burner 2 x 20 inch TFT with DVI (the second i have to hotplug) scotch
  4. Hi All, Apple released the new Mac Book pro with integrated Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT !! Maybe there is a chance to use the Geforce 8x00 now ! or in 10.4.10 ? Marcus
  5. Christmas Miracle ! Juhui !

    Here are the kext i am using for my X1950XTX 512MB Marcus FILES.zip
  6. Christmas Miracle ! Juhui !

    Hi BarryBar, i am using the ASUS EAX1950XTX/HTVDP/512M will post my files later today. this card is running nearly perfect. the only disadvantage is that the fan always runs with 100% Marcus
  7. Christmas Miracle ! Juhui !

    Hi All, after installing OSX several times, trying out patches, fixes and so on ..... The best result i could get was: Audio working but only Stereo (edited kext) Network working (using skge.kext) Firewire working out of the box USB Working out of the box ICH8 Support Jmicron PATA and SATA working (edited kext) ATI X1950XTX 512MB , no dual screen, have to use DVI to VGA adapter, QE and CI supportet, resolution 1600x1024 (not native resolution, would be 1680x1050, but was not possible) This was already a good working mac, but not perfect enough for me, so i was thinking about to stop that project. Last try with a Nvidia (7900GS) card from a friend: Put in the card and made a new installation. Installed Natit for Nvidia and patched the other things (audio, nic ....) Result: DVI out is working, Dual Head only Mirror mode, power saving not working and my Monitors were recognized correctly !! Ok this is better than with the ATI Card, but to buy a new Nvidia Card just for a better working mac clone ? NO ! So, the test with the Nvidia Card was interesting but thats it, and i changed my ATI back into the machine. Bootet up in to OSX without to change somthing. And Voila, DVI was working and a the resolution was 1024x768 not changeable. Now, copied the natit_edited kext file into the Extensions folder, cleaned up the system and reboot. And to my large astonishment, everything is now perfect !!! Full Dual Head Support, DVI out for both LCD's, powersaving is working, QE and CI support !!! Juppiiiii !!! I am so Happy now !! Nearly a perfect mac clone !! mery christmas to all Marcus PS: see my screenshots !! screens.zip
  8. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Hello together, i tried this weekend the Jas 10.4.8, ICH8 patch, jMicron patch ,Mifki's kernel Hardware: Asus P5B Deluxe Asus X1950 XTX Asus PW201 20" widescreen display Core 2 6600 almost everything is working, (Lan, audio,ICH8 SATA, JMicron PATA, Quartz extreme, rotation, core image, openGL.... except widescreen resolution (nativ would be 1680x1050) now using 1600x1024 DVI output not working, i have to use VGA adapter. power saving on the video card is not working, blank screen ! Thanks on all for made this project possible Marcus