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  1. I can throw in $10-20 for the driver build.
  2. What size usb sticks are you guys using. I'm using 32gb thumb drives and none have worked so far. I'm trying to figure out the issue. So far I'm leaning toward clover being the culprit. Depending on the version of clover , it includes different drivers the make the installation video incorrect. We need to narrow down which of the UEFI 64 drivers the surface pro actually needs.
  3. Does it start with the utilities window? Close that window and it should pop you back to the welcome screen where you can select the language.
  4. @ c4love Yeah, you should just be able to go back one screen and change the language. That happened to me when I installed Mavericks. It's not very obvious but you can change the language.
  5. @ slowang When installing clover, make sure you install the uefi64 drivers. The newer version on clover seems to include and additional diver that you must skip during installation named osxaptiofixdrv2. Once I skipped that driver I was able to proceed further in the installation. I've actually have not been able to install this properly. I consider myself a capable hackintosher able to follow instruction pretty well. Unfortunately this guide has not yielded positive results for me. I either get stuck with missing Bluetooth transport error or kernel panic with this.
  6. Cool thanks for the shortcut. It's still not working for me for some reason. I'll try reinstalling the patched drivers.
  7. @ hamido123, Interesting. Maybe I'll update the efi folder. How do you change your keyboard brightness the ? @ JahStories Got it
  8. @ JahStories, I'm not sure what you mean in display settings. I thought the brightness adjust was via the windows key + volume buttons The f keys adjust keyboard brightness on my typecover 2 An alternative that has been working for me is an apple keyboard in an origami case. Full native brightness and audio control from keyboard Also brightness slider app from the App Store is a good alternative. You can map a combination of keys for shortcut and allows for finer degree of brightness control.
  9. But the touch drivers break it right?
  10. right on! thank you very much. that is an excellent tool. very comprehensive. do you know if this allows for audio via DP? i didn't have an hdmi monitor to test it. @ jahstories, check out that tool. it might be helpful to link to it.
  11. (surfaceosx) hmmm, i can't get display port to work all of a sudden. the last major thing i did was do the security update. is anyone having a similar issue?
  12. It would be nice if you followed our community rules. Again with the constant whining and blaming(India, wtf) for your issues. You either bought a lemon(possible) or you can't follow directions(more than likely since you can't even bother to follow the forum format). Your attitude is the worst I've seen on here. Acting like people here have deceived you into purchasing a surface pro, insulting peoples hard work and still you expect help? Please either turn the attitude around, follow the forum rules and become a positive contributor or take your negativity somewhere else.
  13. While I agree with you that the guide is in dire need of some house keeping(many have asked, would help mitigate some of the frequently asked questions on the thread) I think you jumped into this enthusiast project without really understanding what you were in for. There is no guarantee that this would work for anyone. The sole reason we are as far as we are, is because of the hard work of this great community. Many of the folks here have spent countless hours day and night testing and experimenting trying to get this machine, that was NEVER meant to run OS X, as stable as possible. Then they were nice enough to share that information hoping that it might help the next person taking on this project. I have a surface pro running about 95%. It's stable enough for me to use it in a live gig. I couldn't have done it without this thread and community. But in the end, I understood when I bought it that It was going to be a project. That there was going to be a lot of trail and error. And that is part of the experience. I am confident that if you put in the research time, you will succeed. If you can't or won't, I'm pretty sure someone in this forum will be glad to purchase your machine for a decent discount. If you needed a machine for work or something mission critical, why on earth would you purchase a machine that you need to hack??? Ps. While I assume you require OS X for your purpose, Your machine is still a fantastic windows machine in my opinion. In fact, it's changed my perception of what Microsoft is capable of both in hardware quality and software design. Yes there are some old windows skeletons still lurking around but overall this hardware/software package shows some great promise of what's to come from both Microsoft and Apple. I Believe in 5 or so years we will finally appreciate the impact that this product had on the industry.
  14. @knod Yeah, I use mywi. It's great.
  15. Or a phone, like an iPhone!