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    Hi, Any update on this? I'd be willng to test as well. I have a DX38BT mobo, currently running voodooHDA on 10.6.3, which I just realized is probably why my hackintosh freezes about once every 48 hours. I'm looking for an audio driver alternative, so let me know if this is in testing condition. Thanks,
  2. Norrin

    Netflix DRM 8152 ***Snow Leopard***

    just got mine fixed. didn't take long. to be specific, I had the N8152 error, not N8151. they most likely are caused by different things, all related to our machines not being real macs (but each error checks in a different way I'm guessing) my install is very, very vanilla. Not very customized. I only fixed what I needed, therefore in system profiler, that are lots of lines that are NOT like a real mac. My memory reads as 667mhz when actually its 1333mhz (for example). I'm using the very complained about voodoohda driver for audio, & "GraphicEnabler=Yes" for 3D acceleration on my 8600GT. so I was getting the error, & saw the post from the guy that says to put ethernetbuiltin=yes in the boot.plist file. I tried that first -> didn't work. BUT, while I was still on leopard I bought an addon realtek network card b/c the driver available at the time for the Intel gigabit 82566DC did not do bridging with vmware fusion & parallels nor virtualbox (promiscious mode). So on my install, I knew already that I had Intel 82566DC on en0, but no driver for it. I assumed that was the problem due to the above mentioned ethernetbuiltin=yes suggestion. I was right. downloaded the first, recent build of 64bit driver for 82566DC (Intel82566MM.kext) from this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...931&st=160# & that in addition to ethernetbuiltin=yes fixed it for me. so i'm not sure if this is always the case, but in my case, I received error N8152 due to my ethernet on en0 not appearing to be mac enough. my mem is set wrong, I've never touched smbios anything. the limited number of customization i have consist of, but not limited to, chameleon 2.0 rc4 voodoohda for audio for DX38BT fakesmc2.5 from netkas nullcpupowermanagement no speedstep customizations q9450 cpu have voodoomonitor kext loaded (not actually needed) that's it p.s. that intel82566mm kext doesn't even work fully for it. it successfully gets an ip from dhcp, but can't communicate to anything on the network afterwards. that was enough to fool netflix/silverlight DRM as of today though. EDIT: as you probably tell, i'm still using the newer addon realtek gigabit nic (en1) as my sole nic. so didn't have to remove that either.
  3. don't know why, but this driver doesn't work for me (64bit 10.6.3). It's gets a DHCP address, but then can not communicate with anything on the network. However, getting this interface to walk like a cripple did get me past the NetFlix N8152 error http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=188323
  4. Norrin

    VMWare Fusion Bridged Networking

    I have the same problem described in the OP. I suspect it is due to the NIC driver lacking in some way. I have had zero problems out of the NIC except for not being able to get bridged networking in parallels, vmware fusion, nor virtualbox. For reference, I have tried the first and latest driver from this insanelymac thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=128931 Intel 82566DC btw, i'm not on snow leopard. I'm on 10.5.6. I've never had bridged networking work for me, but also, i've never tried fusion 2.x. I started on fusion 3.x, parallels 5, and vbox 3.1.x
  5. i'm on this board, with everything working except the Marvel 88SE621 controller so far. didn't replace anything. using LAN from the board, sound from the board. nvidia 8600gt working as well. anyone got any pointers for the Marvel 88SE621 controller? Thanks.
  6. Norrin

    Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    I got it working using these instructions. Started over just like it says. Mobo: DX38BT ALL THANKS GO TO ALAINTOX Line out seems to be the orange port.... is this how it is intended? It has to be this way? Also, is it correct that there's no way to get 5.1 sound of out OS X? Thanks so much guys!
  7. Norrin

    Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    Hi Slim2001, Now that it has been some time since your setup, perhaps you have done more installs... Can you please list exactly what's needed in order to get the AlainTox STA9274D audio driver to work on the Intel DX38BT board? ie: Can the internal audio connector stay connected to the HD audio jack (and still use 5.1 in other OS's)? Do you have to change anything specific from the audio driver package that is being distributed here? - Version numbers? Anything? Was there anythign else out of the ordinary that you had to do? Thanks, Norrin
  8. Norrin

    Intel DX38BT problems

    I'm having good luck so far. SLIM2001, can you please update this thread with the network information. I know you got it done, because I got the info from another post that you made. I'm looking for it now. I'll update this thread if / when I find it. So far, - SATA detecting using the September iDeneb nForce Patch / fix - e1000 network working - no HD audio yet, although I think there's a way. SLIM2001 should know. - and I don't have the Marvell IDE controller working yet, and consequently my DVD burner b/c of it. I haven't looked into that one yet.
  9. Norrin

    OS X on BoneTrail?

    I am glad to see this discussion here! I'm using the same motherboard. I have the manual right in front of me. Intel X38 is indeed the chipset that is on it. Pasted directly from the manual: The Intel X38 Express Chipset consists of the following devices: • Intel X38 Express Chipset Memory Controller Hub (MCH) with Direct Media Interface (DMI) interconnect • Intel 82801IR I/O Controller Hub (ICH9R) with DMI interconnect The MCH provides interfaces to the processor, memory, PCI Express bus, and the DMI interconnect. ICH9R is a centralized controller for the board’s I/O paths. If I'm reading this right, than ICH9R is indeed the chipset controling the SATA IO ports. Hope this helps. I'm looking for a fix to the STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE problem as well. I'm attempting the nForce patch right now.... hope it works. OH, btw, the IDE controller is Marvell. I see the text splash each time the comp boots. Thanks, NorrinRadd