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    Ok so i started fiddling around again since the last time i worked on osx86 was when JaS was still actively working on stuff. Although he did great work it never really helped me get too much to work on my gateway m520. But now, all these months later, I tried again and have had much more success. I couldn't find much documentation on people using my laptop for OSX86 so i thought i'd make a quick post of how I got it going. Started with the newest JasDVD since its what i knew but that didn't get me too far, huge headaches to get wireless working, so i tried a few other solutions. Finally ended up using the uphuck 10.4.9 r4 dvd with verbose boot so i could see any issues, no wireless the first time i booted but then i tried the bcm43xx_enabler that i found on another post on insanelymac and rebooted... wireless!! so its that easy for the gateway m520 (probably for the other M series too) 1. install using uphuck 10.4.9 r4 2. run bcm43xx_enabler 3. enjoy only thing i havn't gotten working yet is sound, i guess i'l work on that tonight, if anyone has any easy fixes let me know.
  2. hey guys, new to the forum, just got the tri boot up and running, to save myself the headache i used 3 seperate hdds the trick was in the order, first installed osx, then winxp media center edition (didnt' really want it but wanted to fool with the xbox 360/media center stuff, then i loaded up ubuntu, after that i threw GRUB in the MBR, it worked fine, but the OSX never showed up in the GRUB startup menu, some screwing with chmod of the boot/grub/menu.lst and quick editing fixed that right up, if any one wants more detailed instructions pm me. well thats how i got all three OS's to boot, now to get everything working...