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  1. ichat, imovie, iweb, ichess all crash when I try to open them. Everything else works fine, including sound. I have 10.4.6 running. on an intel chipset with soundmax sound ATI Radeon 9250 P4 Processor does anyone else have these problems. how can I go about solving them thanks - Brendan
  2. Problems after VMWare Installation

    this doesn't help. many things could be going wrong if you get that restart your computer error try restarting into verbose mode (-v) and post the last few lines of what comes up.
  3. I would like to personally thank mac-nipulate for the great guide. if you follow it correctly, you should have no problem getting your sound up and running. Also, a big thanks to macgirl for supplying the kext file!
  4. Still waiting for root device"

    therefore, I should ditch my 10.4.5 and start downloading an earlier version?
  5. "Still waiting for root Device"

    I made my dvd rom the slave on the primary ide, and made my hd the master on the primary as well. i'm still waiting for root device I've also tried it vice versa. and i've tried having the hd: master, primary and the dvd master on the secondary. none of these seem to work. because i'm still waiting for root device
  6. I've searched the forum for the last 48 hours for a solution to this problem. I know that Several users are having this one problem: that when they boot OSX normally, they get the apple screen forever; and when they boot in verbose mode (-v), they get the good ol' "still waiting for root device" message forever. While taking breaks after searching the forum, I tried to find a solution myself. In my opinion, reading many guides all over the forum and in the wiki, i've installed osx correctly. Just wondering, if anyone in the forum has a solution to this problem. or... if there was a solution somewhere on the forum to this problem that i've missed. If there is, I apologise for repeating this topic, but please post a link to this solution. (btw, I am running a pentium 4 processor)
  7. I have a pentium 4 2.6ghz ' the last few lines of code with -v are couldn't alloc class "AppleBCM440XEthernet USB caused wake event (EHCI) FireWire(OHCI) TI ID 8024 PCI now active, GUID 001074720000700d; max speed s100. Still waiting for root Device
  8. I've successfully installed mac os on my system. After the installation and the computer restart, apple goes into its loading screen with the little circle thingy that goes around and around and around. Something definately is wrong because right on the grey apple logo on that screen, there is a little (/) image in grey. Have I not done something correctly? Has anyone else ever had this problem, and if yes, how did one end up solving it?
  9. boot brobleme

    alors, maitenant osx ne demarrer pas..? pouvez-vous ajouter quelques screen shots ou un peut de code de que vous cause une probleme