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    Futjitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi3650 ( ..and 3670)

    I have the same machine as you I have got vanilla speedstep working but having problems with the machine freezing it can happen in 30sec or 10min its random wish there was some program to monitor the gpu maybe its getting to hot , powermizer support possible in snow leopard ? cpu sits about 44idle with speedstep with null cpu pm 48-49 degrees System Spec Amilo xi3650 cpu intel core2duo p8600 gpu 9600m gt + intel onboard graphics Hdd 2x500gb scorpio blue 5400rpm sata Display 18.4"" Wide screen 1920x1080 duel lamp display Memory 4gb ddr3 1066mhz
  2. I appear to have vanilla speedstep working on my fujitsu siemens AMILO XI 3650. I appears to be shifting through the p-states and c-states are also working I have changed the model in smbios.plist to MacBookPro5,1 and also changed lpc kext to the proper id to get lpc kext to load. Everything works great but one problem it just seems to randomly freeze could be 10min could be 30 seconds Cant figure out whats causing it . according to coolbook the correct steps and voltages are being used The macbookpro 5,1 has the same cpu which is a p8600 2.4ghz Is it a cpu issue or could it be the gpu which is a geforce 9600m gt cant see its temp in osx could it be overheating , anybody know whats causing the random freezing ? System spec cpu intel core2duo P8600 2.4 ghz memory 4gb dd3 1066mhz memory Hd 2x 500gb scorpio blue 5400rpm geforce 9600m gt + intel 4 series graphics Hybrid