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  1. Try EasyBCD for XP just google it it might help
  2. Vista/Mac OS X

    I formated the HFS + partion to NTFS and everything working fine. But post you dual booting specs here
  3. Vista/Mac OS X

    Hey man thanks for the response i love mac more than anything else but I'm probley be getting a mac book this summer. Thanks for the comment though and congrats for getting everything working. Geoff Oh and im one one hard disk too Geoff
  4. Hi I'm running Kalaway 10.5.2 on my laptop and ever since the windows partion has been acting weirdly. Per-say when i try to boot into vista it hangs after the logo and i have to go in stat up repair every time to get it working. If i get rid of mac os x will that cure my problem? Thanks for any information Geoff
  5. Darwin Bootloader FAQ

    Google search a program called gparted live cd. Boot into the cd Make your windows partion the boot one. Are you able to select mac os x from the XP boot menu?