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  1. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    Can you please provide a link to me about which one should I use? Thank you Also, Is my GeekBench score too low? Cuz I've seen higher scores in this thread. I am using 10.7.2 with all the files supplied by blackch.
  2. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    Hello guys! Just asking about x3100 graphics...any solution atm? cuz im in 10.7.2 and i still get the mouse freezing problem. if anyone has a solution to this problem, please tell me
  3. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    1. Im very sorry I asked like that, but when i wrote this i was too nervous and didnt want to go through the whole thread just for that. 2. Anyway thanks, I saw your post about the dsdt and it worked perfectly. 3. The only problem is that Sleep watcher wont really do its job. I always get that notification about the AppleAcpiThermal everytime i wake up from sleep.
  4. HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    Hello, what about sleep? I have an Hp 550 and successfuly upgraded to 10.6.5. Everything is ok but i would like to get sleep working.
  5. Sleep with HP550

    Hello guys. I have an HP 550 laptop and i have just updated to snow leopard 10.6.5. Every thing is working except sleep, and i would like to repair this problem. What can i do? Thank you for your time.