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  1. Hello everybody , No news about the firewire's problem ?
  2. Thanks for your work ! But I have really a problem... I do exactly what you said, two times but when I reboot, it doesn't work...
  3. Well... a new problem ! I have installed windows 7 on a second hdd. If I boot to seven with ahci, it doesn't work... and each time I change sata into ide, seven start without any problem... Any idea ?
  4. Someone can explain that : iBench Mac Mini iBench Hackintosh Why : Bus Frequency is 533 on the Hackintosh ? And the final result is not so good compare the mac mini ? Thanks
  5. I'm shure you're right, I hope I will find the right way... But it's not easy for me because my english is not famous and there's no really right topic in french Sometimes, it's a bit difficult for me to understand
  6. Thanks a lot for your help. Before that, I tried again and again a new install. Then I noticed that I had nowhere the "Extensions.mkext" file on my HDD... (I don't now why?) And it was on the flashdrive, on the extra folder... So I tried to install it on my HDD with Kext Helper and... it works ! With NVinject.kext, now I have the right resolution 1920x1080 So, now, I've to try again to update to 10.6.2 because the last time I tried with tweak41 guide, it doesn't succeed... I don't know if I should stay in 10.6.0 to be shure it works... I have to find too how to put the right name of the processor and why the speed bus is 533Mhz ? Thank you Andrew
  7. Well, I really do not understand ! I succeed what you and andrew told me to do But... It works if I boot with my flashdrive (correct resolution) but each time I boot on the hard drive, it doesn't work... (blue screen, working on the hard drive without result) At this time, I would like to know what I must take in the P6TSE Essentials folder except kext ? Something else ? I forget something important ? Many thanks for your help !
  8. Can you tell me how can I do this ? Thank you Well, when I boot from hard disk, and type -v : Someone can help me ? Regards
  9. Well, I think there is a problem with my graphic card... (NVidia 7600 GS Pci express) I tried "OSX86" or "myhackinstaller" or "NVinject": each time, the same result : when I reboot, the screen keep blocking before opening the session. So which graphic card do you think I can buy ? Regards
  10. Somebody knows where I can find a kext for Nvidia 7600 GS 512Mo PCie ?
  11. I read all the guide... So I try this morning a new install. It's ok again. But I stopped at the end of the install and I boot on the flashdrive and it works each time. Maybe I'll try to install the boot loader to the system partition, instead of usb key, it will work better ?