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  1. When I saw this on the ATI site... http://www.ati.com/products/radeon9600/rad...cmac/index.html ... I just had to wonder. A completely useless feature, unless... Well, that should be obvious.
  2. If anyone who has made any progress with the GUI could head over to the aforementioned "other forum" and perhaps share some of your progress with us, I'm sure we'd all be happy!
  3. rakshasa

    Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    And I'll be your elf. If I hadn't deleted the fake in utter disgust, I'd verify that this is yet more trash. Someone else..?
  4. Wow, hats off to blex0r and his less known allies. What of the TPM, has it been fixed or simply 'dodged' for the time being?
  5. rakshasa

    Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    I'm not sure why it happens, but I just started trying random builds until it worked. For me, the Athlon XP and P4 optimized builds from http://richardgoodwin.com/wp/cvsbuilds.php were the only ones that booted right; the Altivec and SDL builds all crashed. Good luck... :roll:
  6. rakshasa

    Possible Dev DVD Being Leaked Soon

    It doesn't support compressed DMG's AFAIK, use UltraISO instead. I tried dmg2iso as well and got the same error.
  7. That's really funny, seeing as the bootimage of the XiSO disc is hardcoded to say EXACTLY what it says. It is not booting anything - just displaying text, which is ripped from PearPC, including the famous "SPIRO MULTIMAX 3000." Take your XiSO image, and put it on the shelf with your snake oils and other quakeries.
  8. Macgirl, how did you get it to boot in PearPC? I've tried multiple versions of PearPC and just ended up with a kernal panic... The newest 0.3 branch from richard goodwin doesn't work, and an older 0.4 pre doesn't work either... Could you post your config / more info on your pearpc setup?