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  1. D-Link DWA-547 with Atheros 5008 will not work

    Sorry, I don't know much. Maybe you should search the forum about 32 bits booting mode, there are certainly some tips I don't know.
  2. I only have DWA-547 (same chipset) and I did not install any Kext, it worked out of the box. However, maybe you need to add your product ID in AirPortAtheros plugin of IO80211Family.kext (in IONameMatch, there are many strings like pci106b,1c). And try to rebuild Kext cache and repair permissions.
  3. D-Link DWA-547 with Atheros 5008 will not work

    I would suggest : <string>arch=i386</string> and nothing else. except if you don't have Chameleon RC3, then it's : <string>-x32</string> And prefer Kext Utility v2.3 (search this forum) because I'm not sure that Kext helper is rebuiling mkext in Extra folder ! I've never managed to reboot in 32 bits mode until I use Kext Utility.
  4. DLINK DWA 547 in SL

    Are you sure there's no "-" before "arch=i386" ? Because, as stated by kamikaze, the correct flag is "arch=i386" and not "-arch=i386". In addition, did you rebuild kext cache with commande line or Kext utility ?
  5. Linksys WMP300N rev2 (atheros) SL ?

    I'm forced to boot in 32 bits because it's also the only think that is not 64 bits for me I've searched a lot, and no solution yet.
  6. I thought some Macbook were using Atheros chipset and some others Broadcom chipsets ?
  7. Add this in "Kernel Flags" of you com.apple.boot.plist : arch=i386 (for chameleon RC3) or -x32 (for PC_EFI)
  8. D-Link DWA-547 with Atheros 5008 will not work

    No need to reinstall, you only need your SL installation to boot in 32 bits mode. <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> (i you use Chameleon RC3, otherwise, with PC_EFI it's : -x32) Before restarting I should recommend to rebuild kext cache etc... (use Kext Utility).
  9. Linksys WMP300N rev2 (atheros) SL ?

    This card shoukd work oob under SL 32bits (and not in 64 bits)
  10. D-Link DWA-547 with Atheros 5008 will not work

    Maybe you should search the forum... It's working fine in 32 bits mode only, because there's no 64 bits drivers available for Atheros chipset (look at Extensions in System info, it will tell you that AirPortAtheros is not 64 bits).
  11. I've never managed to get my ralink USB stick work under SL, either 32 or 64 bits. But I know other people got it work in 32 bits only. Are you sure that your "boot" file is chameleon and not EfI ? And be sure to write "arch=i386" and not "-arch=i386" (thus, don't put "-" before "arch").
  12. Do you know which chipset inside ? Atheros ? Ralink ? Broadcomm ? Do you run SL in 32 bits or 64 bits ?
  13. By the way, Linksys WMP300N rev.2 has exactly same Atheros chipset than Dlink DWA-547, whereas Linksys WMP300N rev.1 has a Broadcom chipset.
  14. AirLink - AWLH6070 Wireless N PCI Adapter - RT2860

    I've emailed too (1 week ago), but no answer.
  15. My Dlink DWA-547 (less than 40 US$ or 40€) is working out of the box under SL but only in 32 bits mode (no 64 bits atheros drivers available yet). It's recognized as Airport and is a PCI card (Dlink is selling a PCI-E model too, same wireless chipset).