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  1. I just tried placing the GC to second PCI-E port (PCI-E x4), just for good measure.. to see what would happen. No difference, still not waking. Just writing it here in case it may or may not be helpful.. or to keep others from putting in the same effort in vain. Cheers Reno
  2. Have you read the whole thread? We know they wake in "non-primary" configurations. But not with PCIe as primary.. How are your configurations?
  3. I think I can confirm this. I compared the logs during sleep and wake for failing and successful sleep/wakes (with IGPU active). Comparing both logs line by line, I found the problem begins with this line: "WindowServer[163]: no sleep images for WillPowerOffWithImages" Found a thread where also a genuine Mac Pro produced the same message with the same result.. Not sure if it can be compared directly, but here, the problem was apparently related to USB https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7265175 So, it seems like the problem is with the sleep routines, where no sleep image can be created (and thus can't wake from one). Reno
  4. You mean with your H97M System? You did not indicate your Gfx-Card there.. So IGPU works but does not sleep? That is disappointing.. I was hoping it would. Did anybody with a "Mac Edition" Radeon try to use it in his/her Hackintosh? I was wondering what the result of that would be.. I found a guide from Netkas for modding vBIOS for EFI compatibility and reflashing. Didn't dare to reflash, instead I made the modifications with Clover PatchVBios Find&Replace. My config file grew from 4 kb to 180 kb . Couldn't check if patches were actually applied, but I got no errors and transition from boot screen to login screen seemed much smoother. Unfortunately, this did not fix wake either .
  5. Thanks, TRM. I guess you mean this? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306156-clover-bugissue-report-and-patch/?p=2173938 Not sure how to apply this.. Looks source code... Will it be included in the next release? I'd really like to give this a shot, no matter if it requires some efforts..
  6. Ok, apparently everything is fine as long as Intel Gfx is active. Problem is, I only get it working, when it is set as the primary Gfx. In that case, no matter with what settings (0or1 port, inject or not..) wake works just fine. As soon as I set PEG to primary, IGPU is not recognized by Clover. Under "Graphics" in Options in Clover Bootmenu, there is only the Radeon Card detected. When IGPU is set as primary Clover detects both. Also, when not set primary, IGPU does not work correctly. On the according monitor, there are only colored lines, only the mouse pointer is displayed correctly, everything else is totally messed up. I remember this worked well under Chameleon and ML/Yosemite... And wake does not work again. I wonder if - should Clover correctly detect Intel Gfx although not primary - this might resolve our problems. I would happily spare 32 Mb of RAM for Intel Gfx, if in return I could have working sleep/wake @Slice: Are there known issues with Clover and IGPU+dedicatedGPU configurations? Or is this a local problem with my hardware? Thanks Reno
  7. Thanks for your response Mieze, without injection in Clover it still works well, no matter if 0 or 1 ports is set. Only difference is that without injection, the Onboard graphics is correctly detected as HD3000, while Clover injection showed HD2000 - why ever... Therefore, as long as IGPU is active, sleep/wake works well... No matter with what settings. Again the question: what does this tell us? Do you have an assumption you are trying to confirm?
  8. Hi Mieze, just tried it, set ig-platform-id to 0x01620006. System boots with Intel Graphics active (monitor@onboardHDMI) works normally, though "System Report" now only shows Radeon, no Intel gfx. But system still wakes normally. What does this mean?
  9. Hey guys, I've been tinkering with this issue for a while now, before I found this thread. Here's what I can share hoping it may be helpful: When booting with Intel Graphics as first graphics device to initialize, wake works just fine (as mentioned here before, but for UEFI - confirmed for legacy!). Even if I connect HDMI from onboard (Intel) to external (Radeon) graphics card, I have dual screen (DVI & HDMI, both on Radeon) and system still wakes flawlessly. I can even reboot with this configuration (not seeing anything during boot until monitors turn on at login screen) and still works fine. In this scenario OSX sees both graphics devices. I wasn't able to boot with PCI-E as first to initialize (so I'm not "blind-booting") and still having Intel Graphics activated - to see what difference that makes. Hope this finding helps somehow to narrow down the cause. Without being a developer, it does not make much sense to me, that the problem is gone only with additional hardware activated (or maybe it does? Maybe something necessary not loading when on PEG?). Also thought of something HDMI-Audio-related being the cause, though error messages indicate framebuffer issues - which on the other hand does not explain why it works well with additional intel graphics active... Let me know if I can do anything to help resolve this. Cheers, Reno
  10. NForce SATA Controller

    Hey Zandera.... tyvm dude... USB working perfect now... What is the difference between the kexts you sent me and those included in the Zephy-DVD? Last problem is getting rid of this sound stuttering... wasn't there when I fixed sound first,.. Came after some other fixes... Ah... and scrolling with ALPS-Touchpad doesn't work that good... After that is fixed I'll have a very nice Asus-MacBook But that is ot....
  11. NForce SATA Controller

    Gonna try the kexts tomorrow. Thank you very much, Zandera
  12. NForce SATA Controller

    If these are different from those in the Zeph-DVD I'd like to have all of them =)It's always good to have alternatives... you never know.... Do I understand right that you got no probs with USB-Sticks (Flash, Bluetooth etc..) at all? thx in advance
  13. NForce SATA Controller

    I know it's a little ot... @zandera: You got the same chipset as I have... How's your USB working? The Controller is also integrated in the MCP51 Chipset and I am experiencing problems with detection of USB devices... What about you? If your's work, how did you fix it? greetz Reno
  14. NForce SATA Controller

    ty for the quick response... in that case I'll have to use an external USB drive to install on temporarily... but will it work with NF SATA 1.0.3? Does it work on your notebook?
  15. NForce SATA Controller

    zandera, I see you have a similar set-up like mine.... (ASUS Z53T) Du you encounter the same problems? Old kext... wait for Zaphy Rev2.... What about the current version of the driver/kernel extension/kext (how is it called?)? Could it possibily work for me/is that problem fixed? If so, I could integrate the driver on an installation medium and try... or with the 4GB-flash method mentioned above... How are my chances? greetz, Reno