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  1. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    I have not done that yet. I also noticed that the dead link is gone now. It's as if it never existed.
  2. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    Is anyone here a beta tester for D-Link and their SharePort software? It appears that their web monkey has created a link for a version of SharePort that runs on Mac, but the link is a dead link. Shareport is a software method to virtualize a USB device attached to a D-Link router's USB port, which can then be shared among connected users. This allows one to share printers, USB storage devices and multi-function devices such as print/scanners. Works nicely on Windows XP and Vista, would be nicer if there were a Mac client as well. Here is the URL: D-Link 825 Support Page
  3. Thank you for making FFScroll. Using a Dell D830 Lattitude, and was able to get the track pad to do scrolling and tap to click. I also enabled 3rd button click, if you hold down both mice buttons simultaneously. I use this in Firefox to open a new tabbed window when clicking on a link. Attached is my com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Trackpad.plist Note: I like the mouse and scroll fast with a light touch. com.apple.driver.ApplePS2Trackpad.zip