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  1. yeah i have used the same thing...doesnt work.
  2. Good luck...I have posted in about 6 different forums including Apple Discussions and others and I have not been able to track down a fix. Optoma (projector maker) hasnt gotten got back to me yet...they had this previous week off. But from what i heard its not going to work as its a apple - optoma issue.
  3. I am a network administrator myself. I have to say...this is a great post you made. I agree with it all, I do alot of the same things you do with new servers and PC's for my network. I myself have been trying to get my IT manager to get some OS X server machines to start messing around with other options, stil a way off I suppose, but your post does hit home. All very true!
  4. Yeah thats what I have been reading, its seeing the digital signal and the projector doesnt like it so it wont display it. I am trying to find out how to either turn it off or switch it to analog which i doubt is posssible because the adapter should be able to do that....which is oddd...Optoma sells a dvi-i to component cable i might pic kthat up and see if that works...i just sent optoma an email see what they say.
  5. I posted this over at macrumors and no seemed have any idea why this isnt working, so I am hoping someone here might have an idea on whats going on. Hey guys..need some help here. My first BIG problem with my MBP. I just got an Optoma DV10 projector and I am trying to get it to work, and I have done EVERYTHING (including tons of google searching) and no go. OSX detects the projector as Optoma DV10 perfectly. I set the resolution to 800x600 or 1024x768 (which the projector CAN display because i hooked my Dell laptop to it on those settings) and the projector will NOT detect video from the MBP. I tried two different adapters and still no go. I am using the DVI adapter from apple and i also have another dvi adapter and still no video. Pleasssssse help me i need this to work! I have also tried the following: 1. Installed DisplayConfigX to try to set the monitor settings to the exact spec of the projector, still n o go maybe I didnt configure the progam right but I am alsmot positive it is right. 2. Conected another monitor to it first, disconnected the monitor and moved to the projector still nothing. 3. Called Apple support nothing there either, saays the port is working fine and its the projector. 4. Works fine with all Analog laptops, havent tried it with a laptop with DVI (MBP is the only one I have with a DVI port). 5. As I said before the port on the MBP DOES WORK...I have tested it on other monitors. I am out of options here and its really upsetting.