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  1. Well, it is not as simple as you state it. Whilst there is no hardware support for any hardware other than that of Apple, all drivers for hardware you have (not likely to be similair to Apple) needs to be hacked or modded. Try booting with the in verbose mode (-v) from the bootloader to see what is going on.
  2. It is giving you the 'still waiting for root device' message whilst the system cannot find any boot device to boot from. This is most likely caused by your chipset not being supported natively by OSX. A boot-cd can help you load additional kext (drivers) so you can add support for your chipset. There are other solutions, though you should load additional kext to get your system to load.
  3. For me the issue is/was in the ATA controller of my chipset. See my sig for solution.
  4. It's boot-132. Try searching with that string.
  5. Basically, same kext whether on boot-132 or bootloader functions the same. Are you sure that both options are exactly the same?
  6. Hi all, I am using a NAS device for my TimeMachine backups. It works flawlesly, however it has one problem. The backup takes all the space that is innitially available on sparsebundle creation. This means that, without any setup beforehand, it takes up all the space on the destination volume it can get. B it seems that this size is static, meaning expanding drive capacity doesn't increase backup volume of the sparsebundle. C, if you setup a use account with limited space, one cannot increase the space of the user and gradually expand the backup. Within the sparsebundle I found the info.plist and in that plist a size value. However, nothing seems to happen if one would edit that parameter. Is there any way to change/tell TimeMachine/sparsebundle to gradually increase it's size until the volume or limit is reached? For now a method to increase backup volume limit would suffice. Thanks in advance, Eddie Turfboer
  7. AFAIK it does not, yet, work with Snow Leopard.
  8. Eddie Turfboer

    ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    Is does not have to be pluged in. On my mobo, both front and back panel audio works. It does depend on the hardware. chmod -R 644 /Volumes/MacLoader/mine/Extensions chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/MacLoader/mine/Extensions kextcache -a i386 -m /Volumes/MacLoader/Extra/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/MacLoader/mine/Extensions chmod 644 /Volumes/MacLoader/Extra/Extensions.mkext chown root:wheel /Volumes/MacLoader/Extra/Extensions.mkext If it exists it is loaded instead of the one on the Leopard partition Depends on the hardware. Mine did not need any kext fix, though I had to change a parameter in my BIOS to S3 (something in the power management or the like). It all depends on the setup, though chameleon list all available boot partitions, so you should be good to go. See documentation for default selecting one.