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  1. Bronya's 17.0 kernel still most stable for my High Sierra 10.13.3, also with sleep/wake. I really hope our kernel developers will be able to build stable new versions. I believe Apple, as all others, has included the Meltdown and Spectre patches in their latest version of the kernel. So 17.0 is not yet including these patches!
  2. Went back from the new 17.4 kernel to Bronya's 17.0 kernel on HS 10.13.3. Sleep and wake was not working fine. Sometimes OK, but after some hours sleep always crashing.
  3. Hi Cyrhex I'm using Clover 4392 too. But my FX processor/motherboard combi doesn't have an internal GPU. If I'm correct your a10 has internal graphics and you are using a separate 6450? If the 6450 would be the only graphics card adding in the Clover Config.plist the Devices/Graphics/RadeonDeInit=Yes flag should work to get wake from sleep working. And you also have to check whether in the 'About this Mac' shows you the right graphics card. If it shows something like 6xxx, than add the correct frame buffer (FB) in Clover Configurator. Mine is 'Duckweed'. Maybe try to disable the internal graphics in the BIOS? good luck
  4. Really appreciate all hard work here! Perfect new kernel for my 'older' FX8350 CPU. And finally got the Wake from Sleep working on my computer with AMD 6870 graphical card. Had to tick the 'RadeonDeInit' box in the Graphics section of Clover configurator. Finally, everything working great, even sleep!
  5. Thank you theconnactic. Gonna try tomorrow
  6. I'm still on 10.8.2 and using Andy's super kernel. Happy with my AMD system (Phenom II X6 1075, gigabyte 6870 graphics) although sometimes heavy glitches. Tried updating to 10.8.3 sometime ago, but without succes. So I would be very grateful to get some more details on how to update my AMD system: - use combo update ? - backup kexts? which ones? - patch kexts? How to patch graphics kexts ? - remove kexts after update ? thanks Realize now that I should not have asked for help in this topic, sorry! Please move post if possible
  7. Mail app Dont Work ... Send Yours PLZ!

    You can even do it yourself, it's that simple Download combo update 10.6.2 from Apple website Open with pacifist instead of installing Search in this package for mail app Right click on 'mail app' and choose install on default location I also 'repaired' my not working mail app this way.
  8. Windows 7 + iDeneb

    Hi, put your Windows 7 DVD back in the DVD drive, boot from it and normally you choose the option to "Repair your computer". After this, remove the DVD and boot --> you will directly boot into Windows 7. Download EasyBCD: http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 Install and read on website how to set up a dual boot with the Windows 7 (or Vista) bootloader. Succes ! AntarcticP
  9. Security Update 2008-008

    Hi guys, OK, I updated my 10.4.11 setup with this security update 2008-008. Installation went OK, computer rebooted OK, but ... After the installation just some of my applications would start correctly. Some applications just bounce on the dock, but that's it. All problems are related to errors in the webkit framework. As safari wouldn't start, I used Opera as webbrowser (it was already installed because it's my favourite browser). I downloaded Safari 3.2.1 from the apple website. Installation wouldn't work, so ... I used Pacifist to open the PKG file and to install Safari with a working webkit framework again. After rebooting all applications start again, everything working. Lucky AntarcticP, succes to anyone updating ...

    This yellowish shine is perfectly normal on the new Ipod Touch. Apple changed the tone in the color to make it feel more warm. Instead of the cold blue of the first generation they made it more yellow. So: there is nothing wrong with your Ipod, get used to it Grtz AntarcticP
  11. I will pay you CASH if you can help me out here!

    Hi ryconn, the forums are full of people who cannot boot after installing a MacOS version. This is because the Darwin bootloader cannot find the MBR on your harddrive. I suppose you installed from an older JaS version without the right ppf patch. Download a newer version of the install DVD: Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso Look for it on the bay of pirates. This version works perfectly on my computer. grtz, antarcticP
  12. Thanks Eugene !!! Tried out your driver yesterday and it works perfectly on my Audigy 2. Still using Tiger 10.4.11 because of no current working driver for my videocard x800xt. I'm really happy, before I always had to switch the cable plug from my Audigy to my motherboard's internal audio when I was using Vista/MacOsX. grtz antarcticP
  13. This is funny cause I have a D830 and have the same issue. I can't find a good reason for this. Only thing I discovered is that at a fresh restart the interface is sluggish (no smooth transitions fi dashboard ...). My D830 has no problems going to sleep and after wakeup from sleep the interface is very fast, no sluggishness at all. Does somebody know how this can be? Is this a problem with NVinject I am using? Problem with kext loading ? Thnx AntarcticP
  14. Hi guys, I installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Dell D830 laptop. I want to share some installing thoughts: Partition 1: NTFS with Windows XP Partition 2: FAT32 before installing MacOs --> HFS+ during installation Partition 3: NTFS Why am I saying the above? I tried booting from 3 versions of installation DVD's (ToH's, Kalyway 10.5.1, Leo4all 10.5.2) with my partition 2 formatted as NTFS and no one booted. I always got some failure, tried everything in bios, but nothing worked. Afterwards, I formatted Partition 2 as Fat32 and voila, DVD booted perfectly and I installed Leo. Meanwhile I installed all updates and a lot of programmes and everything works perfectly, except the Lan connection. Wireless internet works great ... grtz, AntarcticP
  15. ATI Framebuffer development

    Hi, I'm really interested, because the only reason I'm still working on Tiger is that my X800XT isn't working with QE/CI at the moment and I don't have resolution change options Thanks for trying to make a working kext !!! AntarcticPL