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  1. Hi! thanks! for your replies, I tried with v.16 and I had the problem I described. With v.17.0.2 when I run the installer It just close and the icon disapear!... nothing more... I don't find obvious it doesn't works because is the only app I couldn't make to work in SL! I will have to wait... If someone has news please post it!!! Thanks!
  2. Just that! I installed SPSS v16 and it finish too fast, so then I realized that it didn't install. There is just a log file saying an Error that xxx.xx file's didn't copy because folder doesn't exist!... In Leopard there is no problem!! any idea? thanks!
  3. Hi I have in my macbook that when SL starts get connection automatically with my server. So before SL finder doesn't open a window in desktop with my server folder, but now it does and it bothers me a lot! Anyone knows how to remove this? PD: sorry for my english!!
  4. grivas

    10A394 in Software Update

    Iwill try but it was after a update, could it be possible? If I burn a new image of 10A380 without format, lose my information? thanks!
  5. grivas

    10A394 in Software Update

    Hi I have the new macbook pro with sd card reader. I have intalled the snow leopard 10a354 from a dmg image downloaded from demonoid. After installed everything was right but when I try to update from "apple software update" it told me that the computer was up to date. So I downloaded from apple server 10A394 update files and installed it. Then when I reboot inthe grey screen where the apple logo is, there is a prohibition sign. I thought reinstall snow leopard from a 10A380 image but I don't know If I lose all data I have in my hard drive . Could anyone help me please! Thanks!