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  1. Hi there Artur, you are absolutely right. I searched for similar config files on the net and thought they were set right. It proves, after some reading, that the setting are pure {censored}. Reset fix is not needed and my system restarts purely fine without any entries. After further examing the P and C States I wondered why Clover Configurator did not enter them in my config. However I rethought the process and came to the conclusion that these were not needed prior to Sandybridge. So I set them to false and voila, the system has now proper Speedstepping with Turbo mode. Happy now and moving to the next tiny little bits to fix.
  2. Here it is. TIA config 2.plist.zip
  3. Hi there all. I got a nearly perfect running Yosemite on my old Samsung Notebook. After migration from Lion / Chameleon to Yosemite I decided to switch to Clover for a better. However it seems I have not set up a good config file for a proper Speedstep. Switching P and C states to on does not enable the Turbo on my CPU. With Chameleon and Lion it worked. Is there anything I have overlooked. Does someone have a recommended confg file for Arandale based systems? There so many more switches in Clover and I dont know if Yosemite requires more than Lion did. Thanks
  4. iMessage NVRAM method is obsolete. How come you recommend this? Only if you have a real Mac, you can share its serial with your hackintosh. For now there is no workaround for working iMessage.
  5. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    OK. Who did the jump to 10.8? Bungo? 8) Whats broken or what has to be considered?
  6. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    I found these ones and I am not sure which one fits best. http://www.ebay.de/itm/270836056554 http://www.ebay.de/itm/180686404802 http://www.ebay.de/itm/300530318087 Apart from the change of the connection cable, is a complete dissasembly necessery to get to the module? This may be a difficult task for me.
  7. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Ah I see. Thanks for the heads up One more new finding: When I am going to set the system into sleep, it simply reboots. Do I have to make the change for the suspend to Ram via Terminal? Hibernate=0 Thats when the incorrect image signature comes up as the sleep did not work. EDIT: Could you also point me to the proper bluetooth module on ebay to exchange it like yours? I hate the lagging on my MMouse, too. Is it necessary to make a complete dissasembly of the device for the bluetooth exchange? Thanks.
  8. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Bungo, please give me a helping hand. I am stuck in some way- I upgraded my install to 10.7.3 and have some minor flaws which werent present on Snow. I grabbed all of your newly posted files and set up my install with them as I have the same machine like you. Bluetooth behaves very unreliable and the system says it does not find a keyboard so that the bluetooth wizard starts searching for one after booting into the system every time. It bothers me as Lion somehow does not get any information upon my Keyboard being there. Fix: Was this a reason for your Bluetooth module exchange for the DELL one? My Magic Mouse also jumps occassionally. The question is why does the module work under Snow perfect then. Do I have to change some of your personal settings in the legacy kext like your bluetooth module and DVD drive to mine? Lion feels nice but it messes up my joy with these issues. Also how do I get rid of the: incorrect image signature before startup. I use Chimera latest build.
  9. Without worries is a bit understated. Every new update could incorporate severe kext changes in the OS which could lead to an unoperateble system. Always have a cloned drive before updating releases. But yes you can use either the Combo Update or Software update.
  10. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Got my sound running again with Joses fix. Cleared out everything and now it works on 10.6.8 again. This took me some serious time.
  11. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Wrong topic dude. This is Samsung R Series discussion here
  12. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    What the heck am I doing wrong with my Sound fix? It used to work initially but after the updates it does not. I just did a combo update to 10.6.8. Deleted the AppleHDA and IOaudiofamily repaired permissions and installed the 2 kexts via Kext Utility the provided ones from here (Jose). No Sound device at all. Please give me a pointer. TIA.
  13. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Thanks antagon. Sounds promising. Any incompatible products besides Littlesnitch?
  14. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    I want to jump onto the 10.6.7. now. Do I have to repatch anything myself for the audio stuff? Care to add the needed elements please? Altough Lion is around, I have to update to 10.6.7. respectively 10.6.8 in order to be Lion ready. EDIT: Did it. Auto update and replaced the Apple HDA and IOAudiofamily with Jose´s versions via Kexthelper. Seems these Kexts werent touched by Apple as I could not see any difference to prior version 10.6.6
  15. Samsung R Series Notebooks

    Any jumpers to 10.6.7 8) Please report success or failure esp. for sound