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  1. Battery life on a new macbook Pro

    I have the new mac and I have the same problem. However. I can get it back to 100% by killing the battery. Just leave your computer on all night without being plugged in and then charge it. It could help. Also, if anyone can help me with my problem, please try.
  2. Antivirus on OS X for XP?

    There is a mac anti-virus from Norton. That possibly could help. Also, please check out my question, if you could help that would be really great.
  3. Communication between?

    Hey people, I'm still wondering how to do this, I need help please. Here is the pop up.
  4. Communication between?

    I downloaded both but I'm not 100% on how to use these. How can I send stuff to my partition?
  5. Communication between?

    Hey People, I was just wondering if it is at all possible to send something through to the other partition? For instance, I have a free program I downloaded on my mac side but it's only for windows. Without moving my data off of my computer to a third party device, can I move it? When I have tried, it alerts me that I have inadequate permissions or rather: The item "<insert file name>" could not be moved because "Windows" cannot be modified. Any thoughts?