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  1. Because it's fun! I have used OS/2 in the past, it's a great os! This is just for fun and to keep the mind sharp and not forget ways to work at a problem. Same reason as to why keep my C64 around, my Spectrum, my SGI workstation... fun to tinker with. And of course, it's a blast from the past! :-)
  2. Awesome!! Thanks, been thinking about setting up OS/2 in a vm for some time now, this came in quite handy! :-D
  3. 1: Nothing to stop you from doing that. I ran xp on my Powerbook for years before the laptop was stolen. 2: Technical Issue, not Legal Issue. If you figure out a way, everyone´s happy. 3: Again, technical issue, not Legal... Got my message? :-)
  4. gittela

    core 2 duo vs. core 2 quad

    I´m running the asus P5k-VM with a quad, 4 gigs of ram and it works pretty well, although the network is quite unstable(Apple Yukon driver messing it up) and the firewire controller sucks(!!!). Got a new Firewire 800 adapter and away we go. The machine itself is really fast. I run Logic 8 on this machine, and it can handle a LOT of plugins in realtime. :-) Howard
  5. gittela

    AMD 64 bit

    Just wondering if Leopard for AMD is capable of using the 64 bit capabilities of higher Athlons? Anyone with an AMD 3700+ or upwards that can confirm? :-) Howard
  6. I´ve had it up and running for a while in a 3.06 ghz dual xeon, a slightly older one with sse2 only. It´s a cool cpu to run it on, lot´s of raw power. I can´t recall the chipset right now, will get back to you on that. I´m using the latest Uphuck release, and it seems fine apart from a strange bug somewhere that makes the dock crash once in a while. Haven´t been able to pinpoint it yet, might be some hardware error. Anyways, check the wiki for specifics on your particular cpu, but all in all it should work. cheers! Howard :-)
  7. Another option is to install dd_rescue and dump the whole partition to an imagefile. I´ve done this on several occasions to extract data from messed up drives. dd_rescue is like dd but it ignores errors on the disk and sectorreads the whole ting. It can also be run several times, accumulating data from areas it did´t get on the last run. A really nice forensic tool, I use it in combo with various commercial apps, depending on the filesystem I´m trying to retrieve. More info can be found here: http://ddrescue.darwinports.com/ I can´t remember wether I compiled it or got it through Darwinports. This may not be the most newbie-friendly way, but it is definitely a powertool worth checking out. CHeers! Howard
  8. Hi guys an girls. Been off the osx86 grid a while due to my somewhat useless amd/nforce4 combo. Just installed uphuck 10.4.9 on a "new" machine, and it (mostly) works! Only real annoyance is that the dock tends to crash. Just disappears and comes up again, sometimes it takes down a few apps. I´ve run some hd trailers and it works beautifully. I even took my chances with software update, but avoided the security update. Figured it might affect some of the modified system files. Still working.... If there´s any specific details you need, just let me know Spec: dual Xeon 3.06 ghz(sse2) with HT enabled, shows up as 4 cpu´s, with an nVidia fx5200 and Titan. Onboard sound bugs a lot, stuffed in a USB soundcard i got from a Behringer mixer, no idea what it is, it just works. can`t remember the chipset right now, will check next time I open it. cheers, uphuck! Howard
  9. Did you check the installer log window during install? it uses quite some time on correcting permissions before optimizing the system. :-) Howard
  10. gittela

    A sign of things to come

    In reply to xVariable about vmware. VMware can boot native partitions too. That's not always a good idea, but i can be done. I used to do this 5 years ago, having vmware installed in windows and booting an existing linux install from within vmware. Made a complete chaos of my install, but that's beside the point. cheers!! :-)