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    Greetings everyone, I started with the Commodore 64/128 at home, and in School with the early Macs. Amiga became extremely popular as it was the first PC that actually had RAM beyond all limits, the first with stereo sound, about opened the door to True Multi-Tasking. I was sold. I still have my Amiga 4000 (Highly Modified and hacked) and use it once in while. Amiga and Mac paved the way to what we have Now. Micro$oft..well, still the commercial Pirate. I liked the original Macs, but none of them gave access to the OS...at least from a User or Power User usage. I was one of many who was FORCED to use Windows. After some years I decided, "It's a Tool...You don't have to Love it." Which gave way to...checking it for each incarnation. My "Heart" is with Amiga. Always will be. However, OS 10 is One Major Step in the Right direction! The Amiga was made to be a User or Hackers machine. So, as you can tell..I'm Embraced Mac 10 or X also. MMmmm...Yeah! I ran a BBS with the Commodore 64 back in the 80s. It was awesome, we shared a lot of ideas...and stuff. I've enjoyed watching the Internet go from Baby to getting some maturity. I don't like Flash much still, but...whatever. These forums remind me a lot of BBSes. Very cool interaction and for the most part Flaming is very low. Amiga is dead, as far as hardware...and Linux ROCKS! It really nice to see Mac where it is now. The Prices are bloody high, but I own some Macs also... I also love my Hackint0sh. HAH! I'll also type for now which won't matter later as change is constant...Thanks to here, I have my XFX ATI 5750 working Great with 10.6.6. <<-- Yes, typed correctly. So..greetings to All, and may we all exchange information and have Fun doing so. Max Headroom for President! Hahahaha. Rush'N'Roll! My "age" doesn't matter as we're ALL kids. Where I'm from...Earth, at least in this incarnation. I am Very Much about Self-Awareness, Getting Along with Others, Ignoring Trolls and Spammers. Beer is GOOD, Sex is Better and Computers..are Wonderful tools to everything else. Peace!