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  1. AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB fixed (SL 10.6.8)

    Great work, graphics are finally working on my laptop! I have used the dual channel version on 10.8.2, since I have a 1600x900 display.
  2. Enable Hardware Acceleration for HD 6950 (Mountain Lion)

    I had issues with white screens and garbled graphics on my Ati card in Mountain Lion too. I "fixed" it by using the AtiController, AtiFramebuffer and AtiSupport kexts from Lion (make sure you aren't using the AtiX3000 kexts) and the AMD kexts from Mountain Lion. You may also need to pass in the correct AtiConfig and AtiPorts for your card in org.chameleon.boot.plist, if Chameleon doesn't automatically pick the right ones for you.
  3. So, I've installed Mountain Lion a few days ago and it's been running great. The problem is, all of a sudden, Chameleon no longer shows my Mac partition in the boot menu, it only shows the Windows NTFS partition. I haven't had any kind of crash recently. The weird part is, when I press enter to boot from the Windows partition, Chameleon actually tries to boot from the Mac partition. I can type in boot arguments, even though the NTFS partition is selected and booting with -v shows messages related to hd(0,1) - the mac partition. Booting goes all the way up to when the kernel messages are supposed to appear, but instead, my computer reboots with no errors or anything. The Mac partition is OK, fsck shows no errors, it mounts with no issues and all the files are there. Starting Chameleon from the install USB doesn't help, with any of the recent Mountain Lion compatible versions. An older version of Chameleon from a SL install DVD can see the partition just fine, but it can't boot it, since the Chameleon version is too old.
  4. Intel HD Graphics GMA 5700

    With snow leopard, the FB next sees the internal display and doesn't freeze even without HDMI connected. The EDID is picked up correctly and resolution switching works, but the screen is still full of garbage. Sometimes it panics when I try to restart.
  5. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Image is on HDMI only, until booting is done. The internal LCD is off until booting is done, at which point the HDMI goes off and the LCD goes on.
  6. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    This is what happens. Hard lock-up unless I boot with the HDMI plugged in.
  7. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    It's not. It's similar to NVKernel for Nvidia.
  8. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    The hard lock-up is completely gone if I boot with the HDMI attached. When booting is done, the HDMI loses signal and the laptop display goes on. In most cases, goes to the desktop normally, but the laptop display is very messed up. It's not stuck though and I can move my mouse pointer and stuff. VNC and screenshots look better, but not quite right either. Logs all look OK. Here are pictures, screenshots (from screen sharing, but taking them with cmd-shift-3 on the laptop looks the same), logs (kernel, system and windowserver) and the ioreg from such a boot. However, injecting some specific values via DSDT (it's not AAPL,aux-power-connected like I thought earlier, I haven't figured out which ones) causes a different behavior. The HDMI still loses signal, but the laptop monitor goes on to a solid gray image (no more stripes or distortions this time). No hard lock-up this time either, but it does not boot past this point. Screen sharing connects, but shows no image (or a black image at 1600x900 rarely). I can ssh to get logs and the ioreg. Ioreg stops at Gen575 for some reason. Most interesting in this case is the kernel.log which reports some errors related to AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB. These errors stop at "Overflowed checking for stamp 0x76". Unlike before, I can't get it to shut down cleanly. reboot or shutdown in ssh both cause the connection to be dropped, but the laptop does not turn off. Here are the logs and the ioreg (up to Gen575) from such a boot. In both these cases I'm using the os-info from MacBookPro6,1 (which previously did cause a hard lock-up). I'll try with a few others and let you know how it goes.
  9. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I tried booting with a HDMI external monitor connected. As soon as the windowserver starts, the HDMI monitor loses signal. However, the laptop display goes on and the computer starts up, but with a really garbled image. It looks a bit weird in screenshots and screen sharing too. ioreg reveals that the framebuffer picks up the laptop display EDID correctly. It also reports that the GPU can't use more than 256MB of RAM, whereas in Windows, it can use just over 1GB. QE and CI are both active and resolution changing works (it boots up to the display's preferred resolution of 1600x900). Injecting AAPL,aux-power-connected true in device-properties causes the laptop to stay solid gray after booting. The computer isn't frozen, and the framebuffer will report an error in the kernel.log every few seconds. The login window does not come up. Reconnecting the HDMI monitor doesn't get it detected, but nothing happens to the laptop display either. I can can attach ioreg dumps, screenshots and such if anyone thinks they could use them.
  10. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I tried a few more things. The fb doesn't seem to like the laptop display. Setting the aapl,os-info to anything that enables LVDS causes the display to go gray, then black, then gray again and freeze (like in my previous post). I can prevent the windowserver from starting up and check ioreg (which shows the framebuffer does load) via ssh, but the computer crashes as soon as I try to start the windowserver. Setting the os-info to anything else makes the display go gray, but the laptop does not freeze. Screen sharing shows AppleIntelHDGraphics and the FB loaded. QE appears to be supported but disabled (probably because there's no display detected). Trying to boot with an external display connected through VGA causes a freeze when windowserver loads. The external display is gray, with a white, vertical distorted band. The laptop display goes gray, then black. Then it goes gray again for one second, then red, green, blue, darker gray, horizontal black->white gradient, vertical black->white gradient and loops. The external monitor gets no signal if I connect it after booting. I will try to see what happens with an external display connected through HDMI when I get the chance.
  11. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    It's a hard lock up. The caps lock light does not turn on. kernel.log and system.log don't show anything strange and the windowserver.log doesn't even get created. These gray stripes have a few horizontal lines towards the left side of the screen on which the darker stripes are flickering. By the way, this is what booting looks like.
  12. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I think the fb can actually see the laptop display. By setting the model to MacBookPro 6,1 or adding AAPL,os-info via efi string or dsdt, when the login window should come up, the screen goes gray (like it should) for a split second, then black, and then gray again, with some darker stripes. It freezes at this striped gray screen, however. Can't vnc or ssh at all. Check it out: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
  13. Loops on Welcome/Create User Screen

    The problem is, it's creating standard user accounts, rather than administrators as it should. If you can, migrate an admin account from a different installation or backup and log in with it to create a new account.
  14. Stuck on boot0:done

    My computer is getting stuck on boot0:done. The weird part is it used to work great. I haven't installed, uninstalled or changed anything, but this morning when I tried to start it up, it got stuck on boot0: test boot0: done . I've tried reinstalling chameleon (including newer and older builds) and reflagging the partition as active with no success. I've installed Leopard on a different partition and it boots fine with Chameleon v1, but as soon as I install Chameleon rc2 on either partition it gets stuck on boot0: done, or just a blank screen with the blinking cursor. I can't use Chameleon v1 for Snow or Lion.
  15. PCI Configuration Begin

    Use the ones from Snow Leopard.