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  1. GA-G31M-ES2L

    Here you go, digital audio, and everything works great, on Lion 64 bit or 32 bit. At least for a rev 1.1 board. http://www.mediafire.com/?qbf8a3l1dygmj63
  2. I see you got a SSD disk, could you check your "About this mac" if your SSD shows up as a SSD or an ATA drive? Because I can't activate TRIM. Could you check yours? Where it says , Protocol : ATA Do you have TRIM : Yes / No ?
  3. GA-G31M-ES2L

    I'm having trouble with SATA-disks showing up as ATA and not as SSD like my SSD should, have anyone got a solution? Could you check yours? Where it says , Protocol : ATA
  4. Damn, I had no idea GA-G31M-ES2L didn't support SSD? I just bought a Intel X25-M G2 disk and when checking disk info the Protocol says ATA and not SSD as others, and running Trim Enabler doesn't do any difference, Trim doesn't even show up as "No". Any more experience to share? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Just bought a Intel X25-M G2 SSD disk and installed Lion on it, problem is that when I check the About this mac and reading about the disk in the SATA section, Protocol: ata, which is not right, should show SSD instead of ata? And on top of that there is not even a line that says TRIM, and if it's on or off. Tried Trim Enabler 1.2 and nothing shows up either. What can I do? Do I have a bad setting in BIOS (my motherboard GA-G31M-ES2L). Please help, thank you!
  6. No spinning wheel/gear?

    That does work actually, but I notice a little bit slower boot-time. What does it do?
  7. 8800GT no go

    I don't have that problem. And no it does not work with two displays connected trough DVI without doing what I did.
  8. 8800GT no go

    This is what I did: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=261594 Benchmarked it and I got 3000 fps on OpenGL test. Looks like it's working perfectly. With both DVI's, one DVI->DVI and one DVI->HDMI. No glitches either. Only thing I noticed is that I get this message after Chameleon is loaded: "Filesize of /Extra/10de_0611.rom is bigger than expected! Truncating to 0x10000 Bytes!" Which I think is because the size of the rom is 128K instead of 64K that other Nvidia rom's are. It doesn't seem to affect anything tho, anyone else know if it does or how to get rid of the message?
  9. Hi there! I use Chameleon RC5 build 1096 I think, and when I boot Lion there is no spinning wheel/gear under the apple. Is there even one in Lion? Or is it my Chameleon that's faulty? By the way, does anyone have a good Chameleon theme that looks exactly like the Lion's bootcamp and boot? Thanks!
  10. GA-G31M-ES2L

    Yes, my E5200 runs fine, and now I've got Lion up and running. With the only exception, no sound. Is it anyone who's got a GA-G31M-ES2L that's rev 1.1? Would love to have your DSDT if you got sound up and running trough it. Is there anyone who has almost all fixes in their DSDT? Like network, sound etc. Atm. I use the RealtekR1000SL.kext to get LAN working. Want to use as few kexts as possible. Please do help?!
  11. Solved! (See first post)
  12. Hi there! Bought a 8800GT last year just because I was told it was one of the most compatible cards for OS X. But as it turns out it isn't anymore. Everything seems to be working fine with Lion and GraphicsEnabler when I use only one DVI monitor, but the moment I plug in my TV, connected with a DVI->HDMI adapter the hackintosh either freezes or if I boot with both plugged in it freezes at a grey screen after the grey Apple boot screen. This is sadly a mayor thing for me, as I use the TV daily and really need it plugged in all the time. I only wish there were some solution, but am I wrong? When using Snow Leopard I stayed at 10.6.2 with 10.6.1 kexts fully working, but using 10.6.1 kexts on something else than 10.6.2 caused a freeze. So what can we do, I would love all the response possible from all of you 8800GT / 9800GT owners out there. Why does it freeze, and how come everything worked great in Leopard and even Snow Leopard up until 10.6.2? Thanks in advance for your help! EDIT: Here's the solution, works perfectly! 1. Download the macpro8800gt.rom 2. Rename macpro8800gt.rom -> 10de_0611.rom and put it in /Extra (or what ever dev-id you have) 2. Put this in your boot.plist (the one in /Extra) <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>UseNvidiaROM</key> <string>yes</string> <key>VBIOS</key> <string>yes</string> Reboot and use both your displays with DVI/HDMI! No problem for me so far! MacPro8800GT.ROM.zip
  13. GA-G31M-ES2L

    Sounds great! Anyone else who's got other result or good kexts? I need to get Optical and Coax sound running. How about my processor, is it possible to run Lion on a Pentium Dual Core E5200 at the moment? Or isn't it natively supported? Thank you!
  14. GA-G31M-ES2L

    Hi! I'm about to try out Lion on my computer running Snow Leopard (which runs great!) I got a Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L, anyone tried if LAN, sound and so on works? And what kexts do you use? Also, does the Intel Dual Eore E5200 work as it did with Snow Leopard or is the support for non Core 2 Duo gone? Thanks!
  15. 10.5.8 deep sleep problem?

    I really need help with my problem. I have Asus 1005HA. Installed 10.5.8 and got everything working, including sleep with a DSDT patch and SleepEnabler.kext Sleep worked great for a day or so, but then, without me changing anything, sleep stopped working. I got it to sleep, but when i try to wake it up screen is black, but fan is running and all lights are on. I tried to change screen brightness too, it doesnt work, i think its locked. So sleep works, but i cant wake it up. Have to forcereboot it after that. What should i do ? Im so tired, been working weeks on getting everything working, and at last i made it, but then sleep breaked!