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    help needed with ci/qe x1300, please!

    downloaded 0xED, but I don't really know how to use it :/ and the hex-file, which one is that? I'm attaching the kext-file I had from the beginning, where the resolution works without graphic-glitches. I really appreciate your help! thanks alot! maybe it will fix the problem! ATIRadeonX1000.kext.zip
  2. lillbabs

    help needed with ci/qe x1300, please!

    update: I just tried to install the 9f23installer and rebooted. now I -have- ci/qe, BUT now I have mouse glitches (artifacts?) and I am stuck with this {censored} resolution I can't change :/ I am about to try editing med boot.plist... anyone who has a solution? I guess my original kext (which I backed up) worked fine with the resolution without glitches, and the 9f23-kexts gave me hardware acceleration. is there a way to combine them in some way?
  3. lillbabs

    help needed with ci/qe x1300, please!

    hi, I know I'm not the only one having problems with the ati x1300 pro to work with ci/qe-support, but as far as I know some people got it to work. and I really need some help! please. I've tried natitX1300installer and I've tried editing the kexts with no result. I used the ideneb v1.3 10.5.5 and so far i can change resolution and it's everything else, sound, ethernet and so on is working well. but I can't get ci/qe-support. please help me? I'm quite a semi-noob so I might have done something wrong in the process (editing with the wrong app/wrong way? repairing permissions wrong? clearing kextcache the wrong way? missed something else?). small steps might have been missed or done in the wrong way. well, my system is: amd athlon 64 3500+ asus a8n-e motherboard gigabyte radeon x1300 pro pci-e 256mb after the ideneb-installation leopard recognizes my card as it should, radeon x1300Pro Series PCIe and quartzGL is supported and i can change resolutions without problems. but still core image is software and quartz extreme is not supported. for my graphic card vendor ID is ATI (0x1002) device ID is 0x7142 anyone who have kexts modified that might work who could send them to me? or is there anyone who could explain the best way to edit the kexts, if I have to do that, in the best way and all the steps needed in the process? all the help I can get is highly appreciated! this is getting really frustrating, because I really want this to work and I've read that others have gotten it to work. would appreciate the help to make this work with acceleration so incredibly much! anyone? (thanks!) ---- + the natitinstaller vas r1v1 and I couldn't complete the installation because installed failed "run postflight script for stock 10.4.9 ati kexts" which sadly enough doesn't make me smarter...