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  1. yes, they are now limited to Intel HD only. Is there anything unique about the DVx platform? I see that HP's G42t series still offers ATI 5470 and the ENVY line has an ATI 5650 graphics card. ----------- Edit.. quick check on ATI 5xxx seems to suggest that kext are still problematic. Still looking...
  2. the only video option now available from HP with dv5t and dv6t is "Intel HD" which I understand is difficult. I presume this is the built in graphics part of the i5/i7 core
  3. I've been checking this forum and the thread looks great. I am interested in a portable to travel with and noticed that HP no longer offers the nVidia graphics configuration with the dv5t or the dv6t. I presume this entire thread applies only to the nVidia builds...