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  1. Many thanks, SO We really wait! I post the actual situtation: all work in 10.8.1 expect audio ( voodoo hda 2.7.2 don't work.. same 2.7.3 or 2.7.4 ! ) And we wait you for ATI6000Controller.kext for 10.8.2 you are a big!
  2. Hi trucker MK , i have your same videocard ( Radeon HD 6650M 2gb), and before 10.7.4, the kext work. i have downloaded ATI6000Controller.kext and your dsdt for the 10.7.4, but i can't patch IntelCPUPowerManagament: is necessary to patch or i can use the same patched 10.7.3?
  3. I post ati6000controller.kext of 10.7.4 and 10.8.0 tomorrow, thank you for now! I little question: can you share some dsdt with usb 3.0 and ethernet , that you mentioned some days ago?
  4. Trucker i have same laptop and same videocard ( ati 6650m 2gb) , do you have any news for lion 10.7.4 or mountain lion kexts for ati? because i tryed in lion 10.7.0 and it work, but in lion 10.7.4 it don't work
  5. Ati Radeon HD 6650M Progress

    Ok many thanks . IF you have a solution or improve the next, please contact me ! ah sorry, another question... i have tried different sleep enabler.. but nothing working with acer 7750g.. you have tried?
  6. Ati Radeon HD 6650M Progress

    Worked thanks. do you know why we must keep rebooting?
  7. Ati Radeon HD 6650M Progress

    Hi,i have installed in my acer 7750g but i get double vision effect or black screen...
  8. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    support for ati mobility 6650m id : 0x6741 ? I have an intel i5-2410m
  9. Ati mobility 6650, solution

    I, i have a question.. I already install snow leopard and lion on my laptop, but i can't find a solution for my ati HD 6650m . There is any kext for this?