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  1. M-Audio AudioPhile 2496, pci soundcard

    Thanks for the reply, seems like we will just have to sit this one out.
  2. Can install osx86 4.1, but no other version. why?

    Any ideas about PAE support, or my original topic above. Thanks.
  3. Can install osx86 4.1, but no other version. why?

    I am not sure about this. Do i need this, or is this not compatible? Thanks
  4. Hi to all, Just wanted to see if anyone has the M-AUDIO AUDIOPHILE 2496 pci soundcard, working. If so can you give some tips on how you got it working. Thanks.
  5. Hello to all. I am having some problems getting any osx86 version to install, apart from version 4.1. Which installed without any problem, but without any audio. I have versions 4.1 to 4.6, now i know these all work, cause i have had them on my laptop. When it comes to installing the later versions on my PC, the dvd boots as far as the blue page with the spining wheel, then shuts down my PC. I have searched high and low, for some sort of explanation for this, but cant find anything as yet. SYSTEM SPECS] motherboard- Asus P4 SOCKET 423, Intel 850 chipset.(sse2)... 512 ddr sdram.(could this chipset be the problem) intel pentium 1.4 processor matrox millennium p650 graphics card.(this works ok in 4.1, so would it give probs in other versions?) M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Pci Soundcard(I know there are no drivers available. well none i know about) Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110(DUAL LAYER)Again dont know if this could be a problem. I have tried using jas's patched 4.5/4.6 dvds(all working on my SONY VAIO VGN-A117S LAPTOP) And myzo's 4.4 patched dvd. If anyone has any idea what the problem could be, I would really appreciate some help
  6. 10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    Found how to do this, so dont worry peeps. Just open with text editor(for anyone who needs to know)
  7. 10.4.3 broadcom wireless effort

    Please, can someone tell me how to edit a plist file, what do you open it with. Thanks
  8. Never mind peeps, got it working after repairing permissions on the disk. Thanks to Keithpk, and all who worked on this
  9. Tried the management fix, but get...the operation cannot be complete because i dont have sufficient privilages for power management bundle,after authenticating..Anyone can help with this. My password was correct, so dont know why.
  10. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    check your pm box check your pm box
  11. Help, OSX won't boot

  12. Help, OSX won't boot

    Thanks i will try that Okay found the options in customise, I JUST WASNT OPENING THE FULL LIST OF SELECTIONS WITH THE ARROW BUTTON...Thanks HAL
  13. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    I 'am using xp at the moment
  14. JaS 10.4.6 Install dvd

    Can someone tell me how to do a ppf patch. Thanks
  15. Help, OSX won't boot

    Hi, I just copied the mach_kernel from my 10.4.5 Maxxuss install to the 10.4.6 install and that solved the problem. Cat_7 Hi, how do you do this. Is it before you burn the dvd. I'am new to all this. Some detailed instructions would be handy, thanks.