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  1. The NSPanel Thread

    This is a great thread! I hope no one minds if I linked to some of the submissions on my HUD Mod List on my blog.
  2. HELP! Wont even boot into Windows now!

    tokyovigilante, i did what you said and now i get an error saying "system config file '/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration.com.apple.Boot.plist' not found" im not sure what to do next, i would try the spfdisk method, but im not exactly sure about what to do. any guidance would be greatly appreciated. -Keith
  3. Hello, I installed os x on my dell inspiron 9300 and now i can't even go back to windows. Here are the steps i took to get to this problem: •I created a 6.5 gig partition with Partition Magic •I Booted from the OSx 10.4.4 install disc •I reformatted that partition to a Mac OS extended (journaled) •I restarted with and it booted up into OS x nicely. Now when i restart to go back into windows, i get "HFS+ partition error" and it wont continue. so.. •I started up the install disc again and erased the partition and os x that i installed and reformated it back to MS Dos and also renamed it disk0s3 (which is what it was called when i reformatted it before) •I then restarted and got the same error as i did before. Now i am stuck and dont know how to get back into windows. I know that all of my system files etc are still there because when i was in os x it showed two hard drives and one of them had all of the files on it. One thing that i noticed was that in disk utility it said that the other partitions on my drive were mac os extended (journaled) (including "untitled", disk0s1, disk0s4 and one other one, etc). However i dismissed the notion that they somehow switched formats because all of the files on them are still intact and reformatting them would have erased this. I know if i have to completely reinstall windows i can save my files because i can just reinstall os x and drop the files on an external hard drive. so, if worst comes to worst that's what i'll do. Otherwise, does anyone have any suggestions or solutions??? thanks! -Keith