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  1. The PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant, high-definition entertainment experience with its Cell Broadband Engine that delivers a gaming experience that is beyond what you know today. Its built-in Blu-ray Disc drive delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched digital media storage. Whether it’s gaming, Blu-ray movies, music or online services, PlayStation 3 will change your digital life. link
  2. Tyan Thunder K8WE (SCSI) + AMD Opteron 275 2.2GHz (940) (SSE3) (NX) = (mostly (till manually rebooted)) sh-2.05b# SIGSEGV code 0 in bootstrap 1103 uid 0 "usr/sbin/notifyd etc exited abnormally Toal time: about 15 mins Might try with NONX, CPUID & RTC
  3. Universal Requests?

    Latest Thunderbird Nightly Build. Thought server error but 1.5 (20051109) (installed when released) & possibly todays nightly (although might be same profile) prob have bug 185186 (IMAP exceeded maximum connections). Error occurred 2-3 days ago & latest may have trashed most accounts (fixed with Joshes latest intel build).
  4. Universal aMule - freshly compiled!

    Previous crashes fixed by: DU Sparse Image + Repaired Permissions/Disk(s) if available before & after install/uninstall
  5. email > Howdy Faithful Unison Users! You're getting this message because you've written in to us previously about issues with downloads or other operations frequently timing out unexpectedly. While these issues are largely beyond our control, we've made some changes to Unison that we hope will reduce the frequency of such timeouts. We'd love it if you'd be willing to give this developer build a shot and let us know how it works out for you. http://www.panic.com/~dave/Unison.dmg Let us know how it goes! Thanks very much! -- Tim Panic, Inc. On Dec 8, 2005, at 10:35 AM, Serotonin X Infinite wrote: > Hi, > > I'm able to see message quantity but getting timeouts and network connection fail messages when opening the message folders. > > Secure port 563 and insecure port 143 are enabled in router. > > What do you think? > --Kind regards, > Serotonin mirror
  6. Azureus

    works thru fs noscript filter. incorrect code error in opera & safari none. rarme + rar Mirror Wiki built dmg
  7. Azureus

    http://www.uploading.com/get.php?get=FLANBXCL down last checked. Azureus built from Wiki instructions with JavaApplicationStub from 8f1111a(g) should be rar attached. ? no luck today
  8. Need £300 for 2MB+ SDSL activation so here's your chance
  9. After selected file delay, second click selects all text. Windows Explorer allows areas to be selected & edited with right-click cut/copy/paste. Mac Finder deselects text or forces journey up to top bar. How can right-click filename editing be done?
  10. Model Number:ST340810A Capacity:40 GB Speed:5400 rpm Seek time:8.9 ms avg Interface:Ultra ATA/100 The U Series family of disc drives is now available in capacities of up to 80 Gbytes. This generation of U Series drives offers the best combination of performance, acoustics and reliability. Idling at just 2.9 bels, U Series is one of the quietest drives available. And with Seagate's exclusive 3D Defense, no other drive provides more to protect end-users' data. Count on U Series drives for reliable performance in PCs, consumer electronics devices, and industrial applications. Features Benefits 5400 RPM spindle speed Delivers excellent performance for most PC and CE applications at a great value. SBT "sound barrier technology" Drive construction and firmware delivers one of the quietest drives in the industry, idling at just 2.9 bels. SeaShield board protection Reduces drive returns by protecting the PCB from handling or electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. Also includes convenient installation instructions. SeaShell packaging Innovative clamshell packaging reduces returns from handling damage by up to 70%. G Force Protection of 350 Gs Increases long-term reliability by withstanding damage from the inventory and integration process. SeaTools Suite diagnostic software Software available free of charge at seatools.seagate.com reduces no-problem-found returns by 40%. Diagnoses Seagate and other manufacturers' drives, helps to identify or eliminate the drive as a source of system issues. Buy: £10.00 + address (Nationally) with NOCHEX to nochex@ecstasyship.com (Internationally) with Paymate to serotonin@euphoricore.com Delivery: Immediatelly shipped after payment
  11. Darwine 0.9.7 locally wine: failed to initialize: dlopen(/tmp/wine_root/lib/wine/ntdll.dll.so, 2): image not found type errors so far WinTel No follow-up email after sales request. All other versions also locked iEmulator 1.7.8 Flashes QUEMX Flashes others?
  12. Opera 9.0 preview 2

    are there firescape extensions for hover favicon bookmark toolbar backlight & click url bar selection?
  13. Not recognised either if STInstruments moved to MOTU 4.6 Folder. I know it's MAS compatible so should work but can't find any info to make instruments show & be used in DP. Update: Had content (Instruments) only. The Install SampleTank 2.0.5 (5.9MB) fixed it.
  14. Is there way to add all emails for e.g. multiple websites quickly e.g. Option for Names Options for email address's info@ecstasymac.com support@ecstasymac.com tech@ecstasymac.com dbmaster@ecstasymac.com abuse@ecstasymac.com feedback@ecstasymac.com complaints@ecstasymac.com sales@ecstasymac.com billing@ecstasymac.com admin@ecstasymac.com webmaster@ecstasymac.com info@ecstasyisp.com support@ecstasyisp.com tech@ecstasyisp.com dbmaster@ecstasyisp.com abuse@ecstasyisp.com feedback@ecstasyisp.com complaints@ecstasyisp.com sales@ecstasyisp.com billing@ecstasyisp.com admin@ecstasyisp.com webmaster@ecstasyisp.com Option for Server Info: IMAP Incoming/Outgoing: mail.ecstasyisp.com Option for Usernames Option for Passwords Option for Account Names Option for Server Settings + sort into correct order if not all done together (e.g. others added between/different times)?