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  1. thanks, i do think your right about the MBR.. but when i do get the install to load with my imac disk it won't mess with the harddrive. what i don't understand is on my desktop i can load and format my harddrive no matter what the scheme is.
  2. yes i used the boot123.iso from this post.. when i boot the OSX install disk that came with my imac it says right off that it can't be installed on my computer. i tried to use the disk utilily to format the harddrive but all options are grayed out.. what i done-- loaded parted magic and formatted the harddrive in fat32 loaded the boot123 disk and let it boot inserted the OSX install disk that came with my imac hit f5 till it showed it then hit enter to start it the osx install loads and i select my language after taht the next window shows a message that mac can not be installed on this system. ** i repeated these steps above also with ntfs and unformated all had the same problem.
  3. i tried this a few times.. i don't know if it's the osx install disk i'm using or if i'm missing something. i used the install disk that came with my imac. it shows as soon as the installer loads that mac can not be installed on this computer ? i tried to use fat32 & ntfs they both do the same thing. i tried to use the install disk i had for my retail install on my intel hackintosh and that won't ever load the installer. just sits on the apple screen with the spinning logo. my system - dell inspiron 1545 Processor, T6400 Hard Drive, 320GB, Hitachi hts543232l9a300 ata device Dual In-Line Memory Module 4GB Wireless, Half Mini-card, DW1397, 4312BG marvel Yukon 88e8040 pci-e fast ethernet controller Video, mobile intel 45 express chipset
  4. i uploaded the bios that worked for me.. http://glitch.myhostclub.com/files/mod%20bios.zip i got my sound working ! but i can't get my IDE ROM and Hard Drive to show up. on my last hackintosh (ideneb10.5.7) i had to add VIA/SiS/Marvell/Uli under chipset for it to show.. Is there any way i can install this kext on my new SL install ?
  5. almost everything worked for me! all im missing is the sound kext didn't work and i think the videocard couls do better. as it does in 10.5.8.
  6. i love this setup, runs smooth.. P5Q deluxe board motherboard - http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=Bxda...&templete=2 Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9450 (12M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) CPU - http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=33923 3GIG ddr2 ram 667mhz 300GIG SATA main hard drive 400GIG SATA Storage hard drive 400GIG IDE Storage hard drive IDE - SONY DVD/rw DL burner Nvidia Geforce 8300 128MB 16X Video card Everything works but a lan port but the top one works nice. What i did ... Had to get a MODED bios.. i tried many of these and didn't have no luck. thanks to some time of clicking i found this. this one worked with no probs with mine. be sure to make a backup before flashing a new one! P5Q Deluxe OSx86 Bios - http://glitch.myhostclub.com/files/mod%20bios.zip once flashed loaded the 10.5.6 ideneb install disk. load disk utility and format the hard drives ( one for MAC & one for WINDOWS/FAT32 ) installed the MAC to the first hard drive with these options Bootloader - chameleon v2, DSDT pacher FIX - ACPI/SSE2 Fix, Poweroff Fix Kernel - 9.7.0 Vanilla Drivers - == Audio - Analog Devices Audio > ADI2000b Chipset - AHCI Fix, ICHx Fixed, VIA/SIS/Marvell/uli ===== on the first boot i had to type cpus=1 at the boot. after reboot it showed all 4 cores. after install is done download and install the ideneb combo update 10.5.8. don't click nothing but the combo update! no need for the other tools.. after you reboot it should go fine if not type 9.7.0 and if that don't do it then type cpus=1 After you have 10.5.8 running restart and go in the bios BOOT > Hardrive Change the boot drive to the windows hard drive and reboot and install windows 7. After you get windows 7 installed change the boot back to the mac hard drive.... That's is..
  7. IDeneb 1.4 ( 10.5.6) LAN PROBLEM

    someone i know has a ELITEGROUP 945GZT-M this one has the same lan chipset as mine ( RTL8100C ) and works nice without any problems.. the only differences i can find is he has the intel ICH7 & Intel 945GZ chipsets.. he also uses the same kernel as me ( sleep kernel ) Brand ECS Model 945GZT-M V1.0 Supported CPU CPU Socket Type LGA 775 CPU Type Core 2 Duo / Pentium D / Celeron D FSB 800/533MHz Supported CPU Technologies Hyper-Threading Technology Chipsets North Bridge Intel 945GZ South Bridge Intel ICH7 Memory Number of Memory Slots 2×240pin Memory Standard DDR2 533 Maximum Memory Supported 2GB Channel Supported Dual Channel Onboard Audio Audio Chipset Realtek ALC883 Audio Channels 6 Channels Onboard LAN LAN Chipset Realtek 8100C Max LAN Speed 10/100Mbps why would his work without any problems and mine work then stop working..
  8. i need some help here. would anyone know why my lan on my desktop works when i boot up but after a while it stops working. i have tried to disable the onboard lan and using a 3com pci lan and get the same result. i have a... Gigabyte p4 titan series motherboard GA-8VM800PMD-775-RH This is running a PD dual core 3.0gig with 2 gigs of ddr2 ram ide hard drives and dvdburner.. i installed ideneb 1.4 ( 10.5.6 ) with the sleep kernel and some drivers for my nvidia 7600 agp video card. but after a while my Internet stops working all together as if i never had a IP.. the LAN on my board is a RTL8100C. when installing i didn't notice any drivers for that so i didn't install one. and it does work for a good while at times before it stops. :: EDIT :: FULL System Specs CPU- LGA775 Support Intel® Pentium® 4/ Pentium® D Processor Supports 800/533/400MHz FSB :: running a intel PD 3.0GIG 925S :: ChipSet- Northbridge: VIA P4M800 Pro Express Chipset Southbridge: VIA 8237R Plus Chipset Realtek 8100C (10/100 LAN) Realtek ALC655 Audio codec Memory- 2 DIMM memory slots (supports up to 2GB memory) Supports 1.8V DDR DIMM Supports DDR2 533/400 DIMM :: running 2 GIGS DDR2 :: Hard Drives- IDE 250GIG 400GIG
  9. New need HELP!

    i been trying to get a mac osx on this pc for a while now. i did get one to work but it was 10.5.1. (kalaway) i think.. i need to get 10.5.5+ to play with ipod touch apps. my Q is why does the 10.5.1 work fine on my desktop and the IPC 10.5.6 won't even load the installer. all i get is the gray apple screen and it errors scrolling text on that screen then stops. if i use the F8 option and type -v i get alot of text that looks greek to me. i don't see in that text what could be happening.. i also tried to install this on my laptop and get the same error. my desktop is a .. intel PD 3.0 gig Socket 775 925S 2 gigs ddr 2 ram gigabyte GA-8VM800Pro Express motherboard 400 gig IDE hard drive nvidia BFG 7600 AGP 512MB video card 18X dvd/cd burner my laptop is a .. inspiron 2200 w/ d-link extream N wireless card. anyone got any idea's ? im willing to try just about anything..