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  1. Okay, I got the HP tx2500z, and I got almost everything working, except wifi. I tried the wacom thing that's in the installer, but it didn't work, still. I have 2gb dd2 ram and, when I installed it, I made a partition that was only 10gb(could that be the issue?) Furthermore, when I picked the chipset, I picked a random chipset because I didn't know which one to pick.
  2. Okay, I get everything to work except Wifi (excluding hd3200), any one know what's wrong? I tried the wifi thingy in the install, but it didn't work after the install. I tried the other Wifi thing in this thread, anyone got an idea? Because when I try to scan for a signal, nothing comes up.
  3. y0ungSir

    HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    I'm getting a tx2000 on Sat. Everthing's working now, right?
  4. y0ungSir

    P5K-SE - Retail Leopard Instalation

    Would this work on the Hp tx2500? Would make the 3200 video driver work?
  5. Would this fix the incompatibility with the Radeon 3200 drivers? Because I just got a tx2500 and wanna try it out.
  6. Has anyone made any progress with the Radeon 3200 card, yet? I just got a tx2500 and wanna know if that problem has been fixed. Than You.
  7. y0ungSir

    PS3 and OSX. The bootloader.

    I would love to see osx run on a ps3 smoothly, but there's no access to the rsx.
  8. y0ungSir

    Im making an Hack Pro

    that sounds good