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    [HELP] Realtek ALC880 in Mac OS X 10.6.8

    SOLVED!!! file in attachment on the bottom.... Ok, i hope you have solved your problem already as you posted some time ago but...if not, and for the ones who have same trouble here's the solution it worked for me. And believe me, was after a research of 2 days non stop!!!! I was getting frustrated already cause loads of threas have the same probelm but...no solution. I have ACL880 and after trying all possible Kexts (Azalia, apple, several voodooHDA versions, acl880 specially for snow leopard,...) i finally found a solution that its better then i though i could get. I have all the options on my sound card like i never had. I had an hackintosh for 2 years on the same pc and i only had Output. Now theres input, and all the outputs. Its a voodooHDA.kext and dont worry, i tried also many voodooHDA versions that didnt really worked but this one works 100% I hope i help someone with this. Cheers Props to Demigod from this thread: http://osx86.co/f36/...2585/page2.html ps: Any problem with the download just send me a PM that i find another solution. VoodooHDA.kext.zip
  2. Hy guys! There was a similar topic open before but it was closed and i dont know exacly why because is an important issue. My question is, because of beeing tired of waiting for the drivers for my airport, i´m thinking in buying an wireless pc card so i can have wireless on my 10.5.1. I´ve searched for long time but i couldn´t find a list or a mention about a single pc card that works. The ones that i find are always mini pci, or for desktops. It would be a big help, for shure not only for me, if someone could post some information about it. Thank´s in advance. Ps: I hope this topic will not be closed.