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  1. Amilo Pa 1510 installation

    Well yes, I didn't have any freezes at all. The biggest problem with this laptop, mac os x is just freaking slow (at least for me) I gave up trying to tweak it and went with ubuntu Let's face the truth, FSC Amilo with AMD cpu's just isn't made for MacOSX. Hell, even my PowerMac G3 B&W is a lot faster.
  2. Amilo Pa 1510 installation

    Well... Kalaway 10.5.2 didn't work for me either. With iDeneb 10.5.5 it's working - but it needs heavy tweaking. The install options I chosen: [X] AMD Patch [X] Kernel -> [X] StageXNU [X] Chipset -> [X] VIA -- SB [X] Network -> [X] Wireless -> [X] Atheros WiFi Adapter [X] Fix -> [X] Power management Make sure not to enable anything in the Gfx section. The system isn't quite useable after the direct install as I already mentioned, the boot process takes at least 5 minutes, shutdown and restart works though. Haven't tried sleep yet. The resolution is bound to 1024x768 but using this thread you can probably sort it out. (Callisto fixed drivers). The dvd drive isn't being recognized either. What does work ootb is Ethernet
  3. Amilo Pa 1510 installation

    I've a FSC Amilo PA-1510 and just succesfully installed iDeneb Version 10.5.5. The install process takes about 1 hour. The first boot is awfully long, I've waited for about 15 minutes to startup. As it's a fresh install I've still to get everything working besides Ethernet. I will post my progress in this thread and I hope anyone else can also contribute. Actually I still can't believe that so few people own that POS laptop