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  1. the readme says about installing to a raid partition my issue is that i want to install with raid option in bios ... i mean instead of ide or ahci ....i want raid in bios.. raid is the method of access in bios.. it gives. boot1h error................... some people getting same with ahci mode. i hope u get my point
  2. solved the issue could not get any help from irc.....basically i have never used irc before in my life... (have to learn that) basically read the chameleon read very carefully many times.. then tried..a few things my mother board i asus p5b deluxe wifi i always used the raid mode for the hard disks..... changed that to ahci.... and very things working... (anyone facing this.. plz check ur bios for mode of hdd... it should be ahci not raid) but the problem is this. i need the raid mode.. cauz ihave a raid parition on another drive...currently this was not connected.. my final intention is retail osx, ubuntu, win08 r2 on gpt.... and i need the raid mode.. to access my raid drive which has a lot of data.. so i will have to look for solutions for that.. anyway..thanks a lot ""DOUGAA"" for your help if any ideas on my final solution plz do inform. thanks again
  3. no problem with mixing up.. as this was a clean new installl and i downloaded the files from the official site.. the installer as well as the other one... used all files from the same zip of r431 i have never used chat.. but. maybe ill try that willl post if i get a solution
  4. The boot file is copied in the usb drive as well as the EFI partition in the hard drive i checked both and yes i can boot the leo install on the hard disk with the help of chameleon from the usb i created in the steps.. only not able to boot from hard disk directly it says boot0: GPT , boot0: testing, boot0: done, boot1: error re tried it many times with ur mehtod as well as with chameleon installer with the efi hard disk option same result... i really don't understand
  5. yes my hdd was partitioned with disk utility as guid at the time of install but my usb , the one which i am using to install the os.. is mbr.. details... my usb partition 1: 8 gb for os install disk partition 2: 2 gb for chameleon 2.... with extra extensions... to install on my asus p5b deluxe wifi board both these partition hfs+ one more partition 3: ntfs .... some backup here i installed chameleon with the steps mentioned in the chameleon thread.... and the usb boots properley.. i get the chameleon screen (the partition 2 is active.. i mean the one with chameleon ;usbefi;) once chameleon screen i choose.... the osx install partition to install osx on the hdd..which went ok then again i booted from usb and followed ur instructions to install chameleon to hdd EFI partition this when i get this error..... even tried with offcial installer with the efi install option... still same.. what is the error i am doing
  6. When booting from the hdd i checked with gpart live cd.... it shows my efi partition as boot....i mean marked boot both the steps properly followed is it possible to install chameleon with the installer from the official site.. i mean to the efi partition.. if that way .. or this..plz help.......better to learn this way... as this way i learn a few commands
  7. after following everthing to the T .... i get this boot0: GPT boot0: testing boot0: done boot1: error plz help newbie here