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  1. Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.4 on Averatec N3400 series all aluminum laptop Averatec N3400 Ultra-Portable Intel t4300 Pentium dual core (Extremely fast under os x) Display Size/Resolution: 13.3 inches/1280 x 800 Native res Memory/8GB (1066Mhz) installed Hard Drive Size/Speed: 250GB/5,400 rpm Graphics/Video Memory: Intel GMA X4500MHD (pic below) http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0019.jpg this pic below is with windows 7 http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0001.jpg This was a challenging experience, This is from a person of which owned every G4's/G5's, Imac's and all Macbook Pro's Uni-body's and older and the Air's. (they are all sold) I came too realize that Apple devices are fun and educational, and very well thought out for every end users tastes. My scope was too understand a little more about the real power that lies within these beauties,.... OS X, Which brings me too Leopard OS X, I wanted too full proof 10.5.8 before upgrading too Snow Leopard next, So I decided too go out and search an ultra-portable, like the Macbook Air, but for Windows, that had Power, Ram, and the beauty of Ultra- portability, I decided on this very attractive all Aluminum Averatec N3400 Notebook. This laptop does not only pack a punch in response and speeds, but did outperform the $1600 Macbook Air 1.8Ghz C2D. So I decided that I was determined too install Leopard 10.5.8, It was quite a challenge, In the end I installed Leopard OS X 10.5.8 too run extremely smooth in Processing, internet, graphics, and wifi, As smooth as the Macbook Pro 13" 2.4 Ghz. I got puzzled by the fact Apple does not make there OS available too any laptop or PC, for reasons unknown but maybe secret society marketing? So Let's get too it, Fist you'll need Ideneb Lite, 10.5.8, and iatkos 10.5.7, special Thanks too those teams for putting together great distro's. Also you will need Windows 7 for dual boot, if you want. (more too come later on today its late) pics below are with Snow leopard http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0175.jpg Runs very smoothly and extremely fast http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0151.jpg http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0037.jpg http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n21/MAR...12/CIMG0033.jpg Well after weeks of being kinda numb, some of us get those feeling, I desided too at least come by and say HI and I do aplogize for not coming sooner, but {censored} happens. Today I am a little pressed for time, so I will make this short, I will have the full install, step by step on how too install OS X snow leopard on your intel, processor, and yes wifi and graphic, and much more by then end of this week. Thanks.....
  3. This is my new hybrid desktop, window 7 and os x the first of its kind........
  4. Well this goes all too the AMD leopard install, PROVE IT you got it installed on a PC or LAPTOP...... HERE'S mine!
  6. well this is for the NOOBS....dig it!
  7. ACER X3200 AMD PHENOM TRIPLE CORE 2.1 GHZ 4 GIGS DDR2 MEMORY NVIDIA GFORCE 8200 (ONBOARD) NVIDIA LAN (INTERNET CONNECTION) REALTEC 7.1 DIGITAL SOUND WINDOWS VISTA 64 BIT HOME PREMIUM Ok I have tried for quite some time, to get the correct distro, to work for my x3200 Acer desktop computer, And finally I found one.... just type in google: lawless leopard amd, its the 3rd listing, takes a long time too download, but worth the wait..., this distro is PATCHED for Phenom only not intel. once you have burned the ISO IMAGE on a dvd, just pop it in your dvd drive and let it do its thing, do not enter commands like -v, -f, -x, -s at the boot, leave it alone, this is what worked for me, it will install the drivers it needs to install Mac OS X. Once you get the welcome screen go to the toolbar and choose disk utility, now make sure you have created a partition for mac to be installed. In google type "how to shrink partition in Vista and create". Once you've done that, created a partition go to your BIOS, (del key to enter) and select default, and save. Now put in your new Lawless dvd in to the drive and press f-12 to boot, select dvd drive, then it will load all the drivers needed to get into the install screen. Now at the toolbar choose disk utility, then choose the partition you just created in vista, then choose (the first scroll bar) Mac OS X Extended Journaled, then type in the name you want it to be called below that, ex. leopard OS. once thats done click erase, and erase again, once done, it will show as mounted. Now get out of disk utility and continue with the install, click yes to accept, the choose the drive you just renamed in the disk utility, click continue, then click customize, and add under Audio choose ONLY AZALIA AUDIO. continue to install, a drop down screen will come up saying checking disk data click skip, and it will install Leopard. Once installed and rebooted, fill in what its asks name etc, once it asks you about how you get online, click this computer does not connect to the internet and continue. Once your in Leopard desktop, @ the apple logo on the toolbar select restart.... you'll notice on restart, your vista is not showing up, when your at the countdown of the darwin boot select f-8 and select vista... get on the net and get this (nvidia lan kext) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=125569 and save it on to your c:/ drive, you can delete it later. Now while your still in vista get OSX86 tool from here http://######.com/osx86tools/ and save it to c:/ drive, this is the easest way with osx86 tool, to find your device id's, once you have it running you will not be able to use marvin amd @ this point. Now reboot back into leopard, go to your vista drive and and drag the nforcelan kext (nvidia only) and osx86 tool to your leopard desktop, ok now double click on osx86 tool and select view pci vendor id, it will ask you too reboot, click reboot, once your back on the leopard desktop double click on osx 86 again and and click pci/vendor id's it will have your device id's (info) write them down, so the only thing you have to add would be 0x in from of the id's, Now right click on nforce lan select show package contents, then double click on contents then double click on info.plist and scroll down to where it says IOPCIPRIMARYMATCH, now just add this 0x----10de, the --- is your number, then save. then @ the toolbar select go->utilities->then kext helper drag nforce lan icon kext into it, put in your password and select easy install, once done reboot. Once your back into leopard a pop up screen will let you know it recognized a lan, now goto system prefs, network, and you will see your ethernet in yellow... click assist me then click Assist, continue and continue, it will say cannot get online, thats ok, get out of that screen, and where it says location select auto and you should have internet, apply and lock. Now for the Audio, I have tried many kexts like alc888, but unfortunately they did not work for me, I am still working on that, if you want sound I can show you how to get 2 channels with AZALIA AUDIO.... now from the toolbar click go->computer->and your leopard drive->then system->library->extensions->look for APPLE AZALIA AUDIO right click on it and select show package contents then contents and now double click on info.plist and look for<key>IOHDAudioCodecVendorID</key> <string>0x10ec0888 0x11d4198b 0x10ecffff 0x14f1ffff 0x11d4ffff 0x434dffff 0x8384ffff</string> mine is the first one, this is what I added, Once you've added your string and saved goto plugins->apple azalia controller kext right click on it and select show package contents then then contents and now double click on info.plist and look for<string>AppleAzaliaController</string> <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string>0x077410de 0x26688086 0x27d88086 0x284b8086 0x32881106 0x026c10de 0x037110de 0x03e410de 0x03f010de 0x044a10de 0x044b10de 0x437b1002 0x43831002 0x75021039</string> again mine is the first one. and thats it you should have sound! Now for graphics using the OSX86 tool why this? because @ this point there's NO kext drivers for the gforce 8200 but with this tool you can aleast get the quartz gl to be enable on your leopard OS X, click on enable disable quartz gl then it will ask you too reboot, click reboot, now to add the efi string/boot flag, click on efi string/boot flag then click gfx string and add your gforce number, then import string, now leave legacy, you can use the resolution 1024x768 or 1280x1024x32 or whatever your monitor is capable, then the time of boot, how many seconds you want darwin to wait before boot (I put 2 seconds) and forget about quite boot leave blank! Now lets update your system Goto your apple logo on the toolbar and select update software, you can update everything BUT MAC OSX UPDATE COMBINED 10.5.6 uncheck this because you have to do some patching, before you can do that, and that a whole NEW ball game!, I have selected all the updates but OSX COMBINED 10.5.6 and remote client desktopclick updated.....more to come: working on a perfect dual boot, using vista boot or grub, and 5.1 and 7.1 digital sound, for now use the f-8 key if you want to go to your vista. Many Thanks too lawless distro, and all the kexts writers, And Insanely Mac and OSX86, without them this would not be possible. WARNING... Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purpose only. I am not responsible. All risks on installation are taken by you and you are responsible for installing it (you made that choice). "If you want EASY! get a real MAC"....Support Apple!
  8. This is my problem, I have tried almost every kext for the nvidia gforce 8200 integrated vid, and added my id's but for some reason no kexts out there seem to work for an intgrated vid. Also my integrated realtec audio which is the (0x0xxx10de some numbers I hid) id seem not to work on acl888 or any. Any suggestions???? Thanks in advance P.S I am a person that likes to weed out every possibility before going out and purchasing hardware!
  9. Mac OS X Leopard On AMD Phenom

    You could have steered him or her in the right direction, LAWLESS PPC........? Whats the big secret?
  10. Mac OS X Leopard On AMD Phenom

    To Answer you in regards if you can install Leopard OS X on an AMD phenom computer, the answer is YES!, My computer has an Amd phenom triple core, nvidia drivers, and its not a laptop, it an acer x3200 small form factor desktop. but you can also install it on a AMD Laptop if you want. This is one of the better distro out there for osx, for (all) amd phenom, takes a little time too download, but WORTH the wait... so enjoy! In the google search, type "Lawless PPC Leopard 10.5.4 Phenom & AMD" (already Patched for AMD PHENOM) Once you've downloaded lawless osx, the ONLY thing you have to choose is your drivers, its also comes with AMD Marvin, which patches new software from within Leopard OS X, and a kexts helper, for easy install on kexts, If you choose NOT to install driver, it will be in default, and you'll have to choose the drivers within the OS. This version rocks for us AMD freaks Its one of the better installs I have ever tried and I tried them all.... cheers...! Acer X3200 Amd phenom Triple core Nvidia gforce 8200 (needs kexts or leave it on default install works very well) nforce chip set with Lan (you need nvidia Lan kexts to go online or use forcedeth from install package) Realtec HD sound with nvidia HDMI all integrated (use ACL 888 kexts) 4 gigs ram ddr Distro-Lawless Leopard OS X 10.5.4 (using Darwin for dual boot.) Windows Vista 64 bit home edition P.S once installed, be carefull what you update, use MARVIN AMD to patch system updates, remember the system updates are written for Intel.