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  1. Intel HD Graphics from Intel i3 330M

    Doesnt work at all... any other solution? :/
  2. Intel HD Graphics from Intel i3 330M

    how to get the native res? this is more important than qe/ci.. thank you very much!
  3. Hello guys! i hope you can help me: got that issue, that my intel hd graphics dont work and i cant get them to. i have lion 10.7.2 installed via iAtkos L2 but theres no solution. Could it work through a DSDT-Fix? would be awesome, if anybody could help me! My setup is attached as an html-report, hope this helps! bercoht.html
  4. Are there any kexts for let the BCM4311 (especially Dell 1390) to work on 10.6.5? AirPort is working, but it can't find any networks.. Any Solution?
  5. Hey guys.. first question: is there any ASUS G1S-User with working VGA-Output? back to topic: my device is an Asus G1S with a NVIDIA 8600m GT Videocard. The Video card is fully working, except for the external screen-function. Everytime i try to find an external screen (in Preferences) i got a black screen and have to reboot. additional information: im using DSDT.aml All Threads here on insanelymac didn't work for me. Can anybody help me?
  6. Hello out there! Is there any ASUS G1S-Owner with Snow Leopard installed, who can upload "IOBluetoothFamily" Kext for me? i modified mine, now its not workin..-.- as these were the original ones, i think any snow leopard-owner could upload this kext for me? would be awesome! (Asus G1S 144, Snow Leopard 10.6.1)
  7. Kernel voodoo error

    Could you link or upload them? I need them too, got also voodoo 9.5.0 and exact the same problems..:/ Ok, got it already! You can download it here: SEATBELT.KEXT (10.5.5) Download
  8. Boot failure

    Ok, mates, i got an problem: i installed on the second partition of my Harddisk iDeneb 1.4 (on the other is WinXP Pro SP3) I installed, everything worked fine. But after the reboot, i get this screen: the dvd drive is not spinning anymore, but the light is flashing, also my Harddrive does not work. What could it be? Could it be because of Windows xp and the MBR? How can i fix it? My specs: http://edeboi.bplaced.net/privat/Report.htm Oh and yeah: Also i dont have the ckeckpoint "Configure SATA as: AHCI".. dunno, it dont exist in my BIOS (ASROCK ALiveNF6P-VSTA, 1.50)
  9. Anfänger benötigt Rat

    Also.. Hab jetzt versuch iDeneb mit leopard 10.5.5 zu installieren. Installieren geht, aber beim Restart kommt lediglich der Apple Bootscreen, und nach ner zeit hört das DVD Laufwerk auf zu arbeiten (lämpchen leuchtet weiterhin) und ein "unavaible" zeichen erscheint über dem Apple logo... Kann mir wer sagen, was das bedeuten soll? Ok, ich denke es liegt an den Partition zusammen mit Windows (1 HD, 2 Partitionen, evtl wegen dem MBR).. Ich versuche es jetzt mal auf einer Partition auf meiner Externen zu laden..
  10. Anfänger benötigt Rat

    Ok, dann probier ich des mal iwann mal aus. Wie siehts denn mit LAN etc, also den anderen Komponenten aus? Siehts für die ebenfalls gut aus? Weil LAN ist hier bei mir das wichtigste (Internet) :S Achso..und welches Release würdet ihr mir empfehlen? Ist dort deutsch immer integriert?
  11. Anfänger benötigt Rat

    Hey leute.. Wollte mir auch mal meinen PC in einen Mac konventieren, hab mich auch eingelesen, jedoch nie Tipps zu speziell meiner Hardware gefunden. Hier meine Specs: http://edeboi.bplaced.net/privat/Report.htm Nun zu euch: Könnt ihr mir helfen und sagen, ob es überhaupt möglich ist? (wegen dual coreund dem Mainboard?) Wäre für jeden Tipp dankbar!
  12. What would you recommend me?

    *push* Common mates..nobody?
  13. Hey guys.. i was thinking of installing osx86.. I read all guides and just saw all thos distro's... Know i don't know what to do... Which OSX should i choose? Better Question: Will it completely work with my Hardware? In the compatability List i checked everything, and it looks like it will work completely. but could you check it anyway again? CPU should be working compl. , cause it hot > SSE3. Manboard should work also properly, i think. Here are my specs: Also here are my complete specs for you, from Everest Ultimate: Click me. I hope you can help me, so that i can now completely understand it. cause my brains going crazy with all those distros and numbers and so on...