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  1. On the IU at South Bend campus, we have a school network that is unsecure and a VPN that we must connect to to actually access anything, pretty standard, but on the OSX side of my MBP, I seem to drop my VPN whenever I try to do anything. Check email, cruise web, look at course power points...it's horrible! The VPN says it is connected on the widget, showing connect time and all, but it's not working, even with 3-4 wifi bars. Anyway, on the Windows 7 side of the machine, I can connect with one network bar and the VPN is pretty stable until I lose network connectivity in some of the remote classrooms. Of course, if the computer sleeps, I have to reconnect either way, but this is a real PITA to work with! In my grad classes where I'm using R scripts from web sites, AI papers for research and the lecturing for VB course I'm teaching, the constant resets of the VPN and broken downloads are really making me hate ever going with OSX. I might as well have bought an HP if I have to constantly use Windows for every task. Let alone sneaking in to play WoW - the one game for OSX I can relate to - during a boring lecture, haha. Any ideas? I think it's too late to return this machine to Best Buy by a couple days and I'm already going mad...