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  1. Zodiac

    Z68X-UD3H-B3 Sleep NOT working

    Sleep not working for me either still looking for a soultion ! For LAN put the attached kext @ /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns and it should work. AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext.zip
  2. Zodiac

    Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Did u replace OpenGL.framework ? i'm using chameleon 1187 Link make sure to add those 2 keys to org.chameleon.Boot.plist <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>AtiConfig</key> <string>Motmot</string>
  3. Zodiac

    Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    If anyone interested in getting his ATI 4770 working on 10.6.8 here's what u need to do. boot in safe mode Add ur card ID to ATI4800Controller.Kext "mine is 0x94b31002" Replace ATIRadeonX2000.kext, AtiRadeonX2000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonx2000GLDriver.bundle and ATIRadeonX2000VADrive.bundle with 10.6.3 version and make sure to add the card ID to ATIRadeonX2000.kext Also u gonna need to replace OpenGL.framework "/System/Library/Frameworks/" with "SnowLeopardGraphicsUpdate1.0" version. download netkas latest aty_init Link and install it in S/L/E use GraphicsEnabler=Yes & AtiConfig=Motmot reboot with -f to rebuild sys caches and u'r done. I didn't have time to experiment more so plz report ur findings.
  4. Zodiac

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    ATI 4770 booting fine but without QE/CI
  5. Zodiac

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Still not working, this makes me mad, everything working fine for me except the sound.
  6. Zodiac

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    So all i need to do is the binary patch part ? Well, i did that and didn't work :S
  7. Zodiac

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Sorry but i'm lost Where i can find LegacyHDA ?
  8. Here's screen for Software Update asking for password to install updates tried everything and nothing work. help?
  9. Zodiac

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Here's original DSDT extracted from windows for my Gigabyte Z68X-UD3-B3 F5 Codec ALC889 dsdt_GBTUACPI.dsl.zip
  10. Zodiac

    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Can't get sound to work on Gigabyte Z68X-UD3-b3 F5 Snow leopard 10.6.8 Could u plz take a look ! Thanks in dvance send_me.zip
  11. Zodiac

    Sapphire HD4830

    Use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and insert your graphic card ID to ATI4800Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext and report ur result
  12. Zodiac

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    Did u test it @ 444d ?
  13. Zodiac

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    It's only one kext FakeSMC and it's installed probably and i checked it again now and yes everything in order. If ur build does use UseKernelCache key, why sys still check all kexts @ boot ? like i said before the only build that used UseKernelCache is Kabyl_LionV3 but sys won't boot with FakeSMC error. anyway who gonna compile build 769 for us
  14. Zodiac

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    and that's exactly what i did moved E/E kexts to S/L/E folder deleted E/E folder along with mkext. ur build doesn't even load UseKernelCache key "added to boot.plist" sys still load all kexts @ start not sure what's the problem. btw does arch=i386 key work ! i know it also doesn't work for me sys boot to 64 dam maybe it's time to look for another bootloader, recommendation ppl !!
  15. Zodiac

    Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    I can't get UseKernelCache to work, only Kabyl_LionV3 use the key but sys fail to boot with FakeSMC error. tried rebuilding cache deleted extra Extensions.mkext with no luck, and for sure i'm not using extra folder to load any kexts. Any hints !