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  1. NV 7400 GO lepord

    Internal, as in the notebooks display? Yea, I have it working, it's worked on every installation I've tryed since JaS 10.4.6. Works great on Leo too. I've used nvinject go, natit and titan, all worked, so not sure what's happening. If you mean external, I have gotten it working, I don't have Leo on my notebook at the moment, but it involved editing something with the xcode plist editor. I also had to reboot OS X whenever I wanted to connect or disconnect the monitor. I have an HP dv6000t with a GeForce 7400 GO.
  2. Well, I'm using PC_EFI from Kalyway disk. I ran the update, it crashed about 30% in with a kernel panic, and I get the nice happy kernel panic message at boot, so I booted with -v and got this.
  3. There is no such thing as a wireless card that will work with the dv6000. HP has hard coded into the BIOS a list (a short one) of wireless cards, all manufactured by HP that will work in the dv6000. There is a thread somewhere with a hacked BIOS and instructions on how to use it. You need Windows installed to flash the BIOS though. Then, any wireless card will work in it. I'm using an Atheros AR5BXB6 (Airport card from a Macbook) that I bought on Ebay. Anyway, search around, it's in one of the thread specific to the dv6000 or dv9000
  4. I'm not actually sure. I only have OS X installed on my notebook... But googleing about led me to a few places that said people were having problems with the card in their macbooks, and that Apple replaced them. But I doubt Apple would replace this one
  5. Sound with Intel/ Conexant High Definition Audio?

    I had it with the AzaliaAudio kext. I installed the Conexant HD audio kext I found somewhere on these boards (maybe this tread?) And that has gone away.
  6. *bump* Does anyone have any idea? Or at least a place I can find a log file that might tell me something. System.log says nothing.
  7. CS3 Avatars

    Ooh, can I be trendy?
  8. When I download large files over my wireless, My computer crashes. It only seems to happen when I'm using the wireless, and not when I have ethernet plugged in. It seems to happen when the download rate goes too high. I left iTunes open for 12 hours playing internet radio over airport, and nothing happened. Then I started to download a largish file, and it crashed with the message saying that I need to restart my computer. I'm using a Atheros AR5BXB6 that I got from eBay. It's the same card used in the macbook. Again this happens every time I use a lot of bandwidth over airport, regular web browsing is unaffected. Attached is an image of the card, it even says Apple on it.
  9. hp dv6000t laptop

    Wow, had I known that I could just turn off the whitelist, that would have been so much easier... I went in and changed unused dev/ven/subsys id's to that of my new card using much the same process. Good to know there's an easier method.
  10. Atheros AR5005(G)

    The devid is in AirPortAtheros5424.kext from the 10.4.5 update by default. I can't even view wireless networks with it though like I can with the 2007 update.
  11. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Same as Piero. I have the card installed and all appears to be working until I try to connect to a wir3eless network, then I get a kernel panic. I'm using the AirPortAtheros.kext from the 2007 AirPort update.
  12. I tried this as well with the 2007 update. I can see my wireless network, as well as that of my neighbors, but as soon as I connect, The system hangs. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  13. Intel Wireless driver

    Could you please provide a link that lists that? Apple's Specifications for the Macbook Pro say that it is equiped with "Built-in 54-Mbps AirPort Extreme wireless networking (802.11g standard)" If they went with the Intel Pro Wireless, I haven't been able to find any information about that.