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  1. GeForece 9600 GSO on Hackintosh 10.6.4?

    I got the card fully accelerated using the 8800GTS string generated from efi studio, but I'm not sure how to set the vram for 768 instead of 512. Also, to get past the black screen hang on boot, I have to use a dvi/vga cable instead of dvi/hdmi. btw I'm using the PNY 9600GSO 768 with dual dvi, and Chameleon RC5 ASERE that came with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url].
  2. GeForece 9600 GSO on Hackintosh 10.6.4?

    I'm having the same problem with the 9600 GSO 768 DVI/DVI. I've tried to use both efi studio and osx86tools to help write a hex code for me. When I input the code in com.apple.boot.plist in /extra folder I see a nice 64bit boot screen forever. basically it never boots, just spins and looks pretty. using graphics enabled string i get a lousy 32mb vram. tried nvinject and nvenabler=black screen. -any help would be incredible. gonna try using a dvi to vga adapter when i find it. now using just the dvi to hdmi my system- 10.6.5 ga-ep35c ds3r 6gb ddr2 800mhz PNY 9600 GSO 768
  3. NVinjectGo w VGA OUT

    I know the post is old, but you just make my week. Now have both monitors working on e1505/7300go (mirror works but no display on internal lcd, but least of my worries.) Worked like a charm on 10.5.8. I am interested if this will also work on SL. anyway, thank you tremendously!
  4. iPhone 3G through 5.1 Desktop Speakers?

    Yeah, exactly right Berzerker. only emulating surround through stereo source. the entire mixing process of the audio is different too. i use a dvd player that has 5.1 speaker output, but it has a dock for my 3g phone. surprising enough, it even charges it too. and skipping tracks with the remote is sexy. now if i could only get my car stereo to charge too
  5. x1400 kext/driver

    ebay. the truemobile was only like $20 from an international seller. and the nvidia made up the rest. i'm hoping this works..i think both are used.
  6. x1400 kext/driver

    So it is my understanding that a driver for the x1400 is quite questionable...I have a Geforce 7300 ordered along with a Dell TrueMobile 1505 (both for only about $65), will I need to reinstall thru Kalyway all over again or can I just use Gotoh's NVinjectGo? These will be for my e1505. And could it be safe to assume that both would be recognized by the bios? (Dell A12 i think) Sorry if this has been covered, but obviously I am a super noob and I have been all over the forum trying to find a way to get full support for the ATI card. Thanks to all who have contributed stickies and posts to help me get this far!!