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    imovie 6 HD on SSE2

    I got 10.4.10 kalyway running quite well on an HP Pavilion 503n with a 1.7ghz celeron SSE2. I put a PCI geforce 5200 in there for QE/CI. Everything seems to work, except i cant seem to make imovie 6 HD run very well with the DV format selected for video. It plays and edits, but it is VERY choppy, to the point that it is kinda unusable. I use this alot when i import video from my DV cam. Is my SSE2 cpu just not able to handle it, or is there something i can do to make it run better?
  2. I have a computer with an intel 845g chipset for its graphics, which from my understanding, does not work with any recent versions of 10.4... It only has PCI slots. I have uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i r2, JAS 10.4.8 and kalyway 10.4.10 to use. I just need a pci video card that will work easily with any of those 3... it does not matter which Thanks
  3. bigboi00069

    HP Pavilion 503n

    I am somewhat new to all of this so please be easy on me. lol I downloaded the kalyway 10.4.10 with SSE2 patch to install on my Pavilion 503n. Everything is working except for the graphics (stuck at 1024x768 and no CI/QE or acceleration) and my WMP54g wifi card. My main concern is the graphics, because i want to use imovie on it. Is there any drivers for the onboard graphics card? if not, what can i do as far as installing a PCI card that will work with my install? Thanks
  4. bigboi00069

    intel powermac

    that answered alll of my questions about the computer its self. One last thing. How much will it cost? (the bottom line one)
  5. bigboi00069

    intel powermac

    I want to switch to an intel mac because i like doing gaming on windows and using a mac for everything else. For this reason i am waiting for the intel powermac (or whatever they will call it). When is it going to come out? I want one because i want something expandable, and not have a built in graphics card. When will it come out?
  6. bigboi00069

    (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    heres my favorate. i have never heard of anyone mention it before and it is not mentioned on apple website or in help. And it is very usefull. In quicktime, hold down shift and press up arrow key to increase volume more than normal. this is very useful for low volume videos.